Zoe50: Check Front Camera

Hi all

Has anyone received the “Check Front Camera” error on the Zoe 50? On.to are saying it’s still apparently safe to drive…

Is the camera being referred to for the Lane departure warning / emergency braking?


I’ve never seen the error myself, but I’m fairly sure I remember the owners manual mentioning this warning and suggesting cleaning the windscreen around the area of the embedded camera.

Have tried that without luck. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

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Yes it means the front camera for lane assistance and as Onto have confirmed it’s still totally safe to drive. If its still not cleared the error after a good clean then you’ll have to call driverline and get it booked in with the dealer. Features like lane keep assist and automated emergency braking may not function until its been serviced.

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There’s no emergency braking. I can attest to that I’ve had 3 near misses. None of me being at fault (honest) and the car hasn’t at all slammed on the brakes. It will be for the lane departure and the traffic sign recognition. I’m yet to see ANY PROOF of emergency braking.

Only recently built GT models feature it. Iconic and earlier GT’s don’t.

Oh fair play. My 20 plate GT line doesn’t have it then: gotcha.

My 70 plate does, might make a difference. You have to enable it via the Touch Screen first. Can’t remember where it is though.

Been thru every setting and followed YouTube videos. Mine definitely doesn’t have it. Meh. I’ve only got this car another 3 weeks. Bring on the ID3!

but have u loved Zoe? - what sort of mileage range have u achieved under different conditions - I averaged 210 (100%) with plenty of 65mph motorway cruising…just how bad does this get in winter (using Eco if better)

You’ll probably lose 20 to 25% of range in winter.

Yeah I’ve managed 240 on a motorway run so far. It just kept going at 69 on cruise control…. I was dead impressed. …
Winter I received mine when it was snowing back in Feb. On a full charge the next day I was showing 160 and now currently I’m getting 215/220 so a bit of a hack during winter but nothing too shocking. Most of my driving is less than 15 miles a day. On the weekends I might do 50/80 miles on one of the days. The motorway runs are very very rare.
I’ve loved every min of having the Zoe parked on the drive next to the Tesla. It’s certainly given the M3P a run for its money in different ways. So much so I’m actually about to see the M3 back to the dealer. I’ve had enough of the poor build and things going wrong. LOL. It’s not a inch on the X I had previously. I might go back to one of those or wait for a Y.


wow, maybe my Gt needed the BM sw upgrade - Usin mainly Eco and 64mph on awful M1 + 25% non motorway on Eco my best range in June was 212…240, I like :slight_smile:

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