Zoe ZE50 Tyre Puncture

On Christmas eve used my Shell card to charge :slightly_smiling_face:. Left the car. Came back, drove 20 metres and puncture flashing with stop car. Sure enough one tyre totally flat :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. It was fine when I left the car. Perhaps I should have checked the bay before pulling in.
I didn’t want to pay high Christmas Eve/Day call out charges. The next normal booking day is 29th December for the mobile tyre fitters. Anyone who has had to replace the tyre, what was your call out and tyre charge?

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No idea on cost, but it is one if the conditions that ONTO arrange ALL repairs, including tyres, so don’t be tempted to replace yourself.

My puncture in a ZE40 cost me £130. It happened just after 5:30pm on a week day. Tyre was repaired, not replaced so guessing would have cost more in the latter case.

£130 for what would normally cost about £20 is shocking :scream:


I think the repair did cost about £20 but it was the out of hours call out fee that bumped the price up. Guess if you have insurance4carhire you could claim it back.


I guess if you are not stuck somewhere and don’t need the car right away it’s then best to wait until the usual tyre repair shops are open before notifiying on.to

As @Kev said I believe you have to use ONTO’s mobile service. Don’t think you can just rock up to your local tyre fitters. If anyone can confirm it would be good to know. Another reason to have insurance!

Had something similar and you have to use Onto and they replace it with the same tyre.

I paid the additional call out charge as it was a weekend and I needed the car on the Monday. Not had the bill yet.

Thanks everyone. I just called Onto, all Tyres issues have to go via them and not via a normal shop. I totally forgot about the excess insurance, I did indeed take out your recommended Insurance4carhire. I could have had a silly price call out and had it covered by insurance :woman_facepalming:. Ah well, in Tier 4 not planned to go anywhere. I’ll send Onto another feedback email, the mobile tyre fitter is booked in for tomorrow, and yet I had a call today they were here, just before a Zoom session had to send them away. I hope I don’t get a double call out charge. Will let you guys know on costs.


Surely saving you £130 or so deserves a like :wink:


It cost me £110.63 on a week day, daytime.

There you go. Happy now?

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Thanks Sophie. Did you manage to claim it back via the excess insurance?

My tyre punctured and they come out and fix it free of charge if you wait until in hours service ie for us next day


Usually punctures are chargeable. You won’t pay the repairer but will be sent an invoice. What makes you believe it’s free of charge? It would be great if true.