Zoe ZE50 GT Electric System error

Hi all, just posting to see if anyone else has had a problem with the electrics in their Zoe. I’ve only had mine for ten days and this morning when I went to drive the car bleeped at me with a big red “Electric system fault” message, the 12v battery warning light, and the yellow service light all flashing at me. Called ONTO who got the RAC out to me very quickly. Unfortunately it being a bank holiday weekend there’s nowhere to tow the car to so it looks like I’m going to have to live without a car until it’s fixed when my local Renault open up again on Tuesday. Not very impressed as the car’s only a few months old!

Most likely it’s the 12V battery which has a low voltage and therefore can’t supply the electronics to start the car. This can sometimes happen with new cars (any make) and the 12V battery has just ‘gone flat’. It’s a common issue on many cars EV and ICE.

The best way to fix if you can do this yourself is to charge the 12V battery in exactly the same way you would a normal ICE car battery, using a simple battery charger.

If you don’t have the DIY skills/or charger to do this, then hopefully you have the ability to charge at home using the ‘granny’ charger. Plug this in and hopefully it might trigger the 12V battery to be charged. Best to do this and keep an eye on the granny charger plug to ensure it’s not getting too hot.

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RAC man charged the 12V and no joy. Diagnostics seemed to be saying the car wasn’t recognising the main battery charge level. I just don’t trust it so it’s going on a truck on Tuesday and getting a good look from Renault.

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Diagnostics can throw all sorts of bizarre errors if the 12V is not correct, so no surprise there.
I take it the 12V was flat if the RAC charged it, so it’s likely the cause of all the issues.

Trust you get it all resolved quickly.
Let us know the outcome as it may help others.

I just can’t see how it would go flat if that is the case. It’s not like I left the radio on all night. Weird. Thanks for your help. Will defo do an update.

Batteries fail for all manner of reasons and oddly the warmer months are worst for them.
Nothing you have done has caused this, it’s more likely lack of charging whilst it’s been in logistics pound and could just be a DOA battery. Happens more often than people think.
Trust it’s not inconvenienced you too much over the bank hol and you have other means of transport.

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I was chatting to a couple of RAC guys at Fully Charged Live on Friday to find out how their job is or might be changing with the growth of EVs. I asked about the typical reason for an EV call-out and they stated by far flat tyres and 12v battery issues. Being new to the EV scene (thus my attendance at the show) I hadn’t really thought of it from that perspective - no 12v, no EV! :grin: Not as if you can bump start it!


Carry a battery booster if this worries you - but don’t store it deep in the boot! :flushed:

I’ve carried mine (that I used to start a flat Merc S500 that didn’t get used much during Pandy-Times) with me as my “Umbrella” as I’ve had two Hyundais now and it’s a well-known problem.

Of course. I’ve NOT NEEDED IT (so far). But nice peace of mind!

(Plus, had I needed to charge my ’phone at FCL it was with me :+1:)