ZOE ZE50 Going Forward in Reverse Gear?

hey guys,

my ZE50 is doing something funny, wonder if it is something other have come across?
This happens immediately after switching the car on - i have had a few times when I put the car in R gear (and the gear lever is definitely showing “R”), but when I press the accelerator the car goes forward!.. Reverse Camera is always engaged too…

this is making starting up rather scary to be honest… given the uncertainty on which way the car would choose to go…

Am I just the lucky one or someone else has had this issue too??

I’ve never noticed that, but I wouldn’t put it past the Zoe, it has a very long list of problems.

Is it definitely “powering” forward, or is it rolling forward? If it’s the first, that’s a very serious and dangerous fault!

I found that it was impossible to predict what the Zoe would do when starting and I handed mine back after 10 days. As @Kev says it depends on whether powered or just rolling. I had mine roll forwards downhill whilst I had my foot on the accelerator trying to reverse out. I believed this was because i was using a very low throttle opening to try to smoothly start (because it always jumped into motion) and i did this long enough for the hill hold to disengage ( i think the manual says it only holds for 2 secs) then it just rolled even though i had some throttle applied. I had several close shaves in only a couple of weeks of driving.

Mine was powering the wrong direction lol. as it has happened a few times i did pay some attention on what’s happening. Usually fixes it if I switch to other gears and back to R…

i suppose the gear lever is “electric” and probably just a programming issue…might be a “deadzone” in the first 20 sec of switching on? but that’s definitely not creating any confidence

wonder how this works with Onto - do I take the car to Renault or can Onto just swap one over…

No way! That’s ridiculous!

First thing first, call ONTO driverline, get it booked in as an urgent investigation, if the car is powering the wrong direction, that’s downright dangerous!

Do you have a passenger available to video the event if you can replicate it? That would at least avoid the shrugs at the garage when they can’t replicate it.

That’s no excuse and if Renault tried that one, they’d be ripped to shreds by the press

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just tried to replicate the issue but no luck - will try to film my next few starts hopefully i get get some meaningful videos…oh Renault…


I have had a Zoe GT 50 for about 3 weeks and it is lovely and I haven’t had any problems. Sending it back as cannot go very far with the current lockdown restrictions.

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I had that happen only once. Never happened after that. I tend to start the car, then put on seat belt etc just in case Zoe need to sort itself out. :smile: