Zoe ZE50 Delivery Delay

Yes. Mileage is linked to the subscriber and not the vehicle.

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Every one gets an allowance of 1000 miles included in their monthly subscription.

If you do between 1001 and 1250, you are charged an overage fee of 8p per mile. Evezy don’t want their vehicles to do more than 15k per annum.

If you do between 1251 and 1500, you will be invoiced 30p per mile for this tranche. Doing this number of miles shouldn’t be considered acceptable.

If you do more than 1500, you will be spoken to, and potentially asked to return the vehicle if assurances can’t be given that mileage in subsequent months will reduce your average to less than 1250 miles per month.

If you have paid any overage fees, these will be reimbursed when you leave evezy, or at your subscription anniversary, if you have done less than 12k pa or pro rata.

Due to Coronavirus, any “underage” mileage accrued from March, will be rolled over to subsequent months. You will be able to use these miles up until the end of July without incurring any fees if you exceed 1k miles in any one subscription monthly period. My example:

March: Did 600 miles so 400 under
April: Did 200 miles so 800 under, 1200 total under
May: Do 400 miles so 600 under, 1800 total accrued
June: Do 2000 miles. 1000 over. Still 800 left. No overage charge
July: Do 1800 miles. 800 over. Used all accrued miles. No overage charge
August: Do 1100 miles. 100 over. £8 overage charge. Potentially refunded if I do less than 12k pa or pro rata.

Once lockdown restrictions are eased, evezy will announce a package allowing subscribers to buy more miles. This may well change the above rules that are in place at the moment.


Thank you @E7EV for the detailed info. I’m on the wait list for a ZE50 as well, but at position 134, so may not see mine for a while - looking forward it though. Thanks again.


Obviously @Ade12110 by the time you get your vehicle, you won’t have as much opportunity to bank miles to use on a road trip before the end of July. I had an evezy Tesla Model 3 for a month and did 2500 miles. No overage charges because it was in my 12th month and I came in at under 12k for the year.

I understand evezy made an initial order of 200, so at position number 134 hopefully you won’t have to wait too long. Also, people in front of you may refuse an offer due to the current financial situation. So you may get that phone call sooner than you think! Tip: If you get a missed call from evezy, respond ASAP.

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Wow, your Model 3 trip sounds brilliant, what a great idea. Thanks again @E7EV . My anniversary is mid-June and I’ve only done 8k so far, so here’s hoping for ZE50 sooner rather than later!


You should take a look at the @E7EV post here…

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A member of another forum waiting for his ZE50 to be delivered has been contacted by his dealer (from home).

They are going to get back to work next Monday, and he believes his Zoe, currently at Southampton, will be delivered in three weeks time.

Let’s hope evezy’s Zoes will be released from their current hibernation. I wonder if anyone has been keeping their 12v batteries charged up?

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A car leasing broker is offering good deals on new Zoes. They say that the vehicles are “in stock at the port”, and can be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks.


I thinking of getting a Zoe 40 once things ease up to save some money until 2 year lease vehicle arrives. I can live with no CCS for a month or 2 if getting 150-180 miles around town and EVEZY said that they have 68, 19 & 69 plate cars available, so would be happy to get a virtually brand-new car for £339 and drop off the waiting list for someone to move up a slot.


My 68 plate Zoe will be available once the ZE50s arrive. As the weather has got warmer, I’ve got the feeling someone has previously smoked in it. I’ve informed evezy who will no doubt do a deep clean before passing it on to the next user.

A Renault dealer has reported that the textile factory which makes the recycled material for the Zoe’s seat upholstery has been destroyed in a fire. This will, therefore, have an impact on the supply of the Iconic trim.

Production of the Iconic between weeks 23-28 will have the GT Line part synthetic leather/part recycled fabric interior. The aim is to get back to the original interior from week 28.

GT Line trim:


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According to the same dealer, the Renault Import Centre is starting to get back to work from next Monday. Some dealers will get deliveries of new cars from the end of next week.

Whether the company that prepares and sends out evezy’s Zoes will also start delivering, I don’t know. Maybe @Lily_at_Evezy could give us an update.


Good news maybe an update today?? :grinning:

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Hi @E7EV and @MrMoonUK! According to the government guidelines dealers can’t reopen yet and this will be the case throughout our supply chain, but as soon as we have any news we will let you all know straight away!


A build quality issue potentially affecting all RHD ZOEs manufactured before May 2020 has been reported.

When you receive your new evezy ZE50, please check if your vehicle is affected, so that remedial action can be taken.

It involves a “creaking” noise emanating from the tailgate area. It seems that this noise is caused by rough welding spots grating on the plastic boot trim.

The solution involves removing the excess welding material, repainting the affected area and replacing the original plastic trim back in place.

Dealers are aware of this issue and have been provided with the following information:

  • a text guide to the issue
  • photos of the affected tailgate area
  • a 20 second sound file to illustrate the “creaking” sound
  • remedial instructions to rectify the fault

If you discover this issue when your new ZOE arrives, I suggest that you inform evezy straight away so that they can book your vehicle in with your local Renault dealer.

@Lily_at_Evezy can you make the relevant teams aware of this issue so that they will be expecting some ZOE subscribers to be complaining of creaking sounds!

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Renault are delivering cars as RZOC guy got his two days ago.

And the rattle issue above is standard for the Zoe tbh

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There are a few now that had calls from their dealers that their cars have arrived so hopefully it won’t be much longer now for evezy either!


@Lily_at_Evezy do you have any good news for us?

Craig from the Renault Zoe Owners Club has just picked up his new ZE50.

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Looks really good in flame red, I might go with it instead of blue :thinking: