Zoe ZE50 Delivery Delay

There could be a delay in ZE50s being delivered into dealerships. Renault has decided that no Zoes will be delivered until the My Renault App is available. Hopefully this will only put back delivery by a week or so.


Could you share the source for this?

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A Renault dealer who is a Zoe specialist. In fact they prepare vehicles for fleet buyers. Check out my post about Europcar placing the biggest Zoe order. All those Zoes had this dealership’s name on their number plates.

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Renault Press Release:

Meanwhile, the first New Renault ZOE are arriving this weekend at UK dealers and are available for customer test drives.

Poster on another forum:

My supplying dealer has confirmed that he is taking delivery of my Zoe ZE50 on the 20th of March and it will be ready for picking up on the 23rd.

Hopefully this means that evezy will receive their first batch of Zoes around the same time from their dealer. Allowing three days for installing their tech, those at the top of the waitlist should start receiving their new Zoe around the 26th of March.

So two weeks and counting


Think you will get your Zoe ZE50 before I get M3P. :crazy_face:

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Message from a Renault dealer:

“Our demo should be with us today :crossed_fingers: Or I hope it will as it left Southampton yesterday and it really isn’t that far :joy:

Customer cars that are at the import centre in Southampton should be getting released start of next week, I think they wanted to ensure the demos came first.”

Do we know how many ZE50’s Evezy are getting this month?

I’m waiting for you all to hand back your i3’s in exchange for a ZE50

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Breaking news. The aforementioned dealer has just received his demonstrator!


Went to my local Renault dealer today and saw a Zoe R110 Ionic on display at the entrance. This must be their demonstrator which arrived over the weekend. They’ve not registered it yet. All the salespeople were busy so didn’t have chance to ask any questions.


Don’t know whether this will affect evezy’s big Zoe order. The first batch may already be in Southampton awaiting deliver via their supplying Renault dealer.


Noticed this on FB this morning…

Spotted a Celadon Blue ZE50 in the wild this morning.

Image may contain: car, sky and outdoor

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FN means it was registered at the Nottingham Office which covers the Forest and Fens region. So should get a good mpkWh in that flat area!

PA to PT is what I want to see! That’s Preston, the region where evezy’s Zoes are registered


Will keep a look out for evidence.

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Just seen this post from a Renault dealer on another forum:

“Looks like any car not in the UK by now, won’t be getting here any time soon also cars in the UK but not yet at dealers may not be getting to dealers for a while.

We are expecting communication soon as to what is happening with deliveries.”

So there could be a delay in getting the new Zoes, unless they have already left Southampton and are with DSG awaiting PDI, registration and delivery to Leamington Spa.

@Lily_at_Evezy do you have any more information on this, and how C-19 will affect evezy operations. Are you all working from home and staying safe?


Here you go :wink:



Tell EVNick to get his hands off my car!



This one’s obviously from Scotland. All these Zoes must be dealer demonstrators. Who’ll be the first customer with one?

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My own car is on its last legs.
It’s due a service and MOT early May. It’s going the scrap yard before that :joy:
Getting an EV before then is major priority (for me anyway)


There are many people posting on various forums that they are cancelling car orders, or subscriptions/leases for all types of car, many of which are EV’s. Many are saying they are just delaying the eventual acquisition of an EV by months upto a year. That does mean others might get cars sooner than they had hoped for, including Evezy subscribers. And some people are just replacing a previous end of life vehicle, so will continue on that process anyway, providing they have the financial security to do so.

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Here’s what a Renault dealer posted on another forum. It was in response to someone who’d been told that they would get their Zoe next week.

“I think your dealer is being very optimistic, from what I have heard, but hasn’t been confirmed yet, all Renault France distributions centres are closed and UK distribution centres are on a skeleton staff with a view to closing imminently.

I have 4 ZOE’s in the UK, all four should have been here by yesterday, they are now showing 25th , I don’t expect to see them any time soon.”