Zoe ZE50 Check Electrical System

Hello Ontoers

I was out in the Zoe earlier and stopped off to charge it at a nice Osprey charger. As I was heading back to the car I set it to precondition. Once back I waited in the car a bit for charging to finish, when sat there the charger changed to red and the car seemed to reboot with a yellow spanner saying to check electrical system. After this on the same charger neither CCS or AC would work.

I drove to a different charger, it started up OK on CCS. So it’s a charger issue with Osprey, or so I thought. I got back in the car and as I drove away from the charger the car again shutdown mid-drive with the same message flashing up and then going away again.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I couldn’t see anything online for the ZE50, just older models. Weirdly since this happened the radio doesn’t work, although CarPlay works fine.

Whenever wired electrical stuff happens to an EV, the first thing to check is the 12V battery.

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A Zoe with charging issues? I don’t believe it.

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The first quotation is about my experience. To be fair to the Zoe that I had, I didn’t have any more charging issues after that. Obviously it was frustrating at the time though.

In the other two examples, the fails were with AC charging posts. This is more often the case than issues with CCS DC rapids. Unless the post has a good earth, Zoes tend to refuse to charge.

At the Eden Project (where I was going when I had the issues mentioned above) there are a couple of 7kW posts for visitors. When I had been previously, a Zoe ZE40 had refused to charge. According to Zap-Map, other Zoes had had the same issue. When I took the ZE50, I noticed that new earth rods had been sunk into the ground, and hey presto, Zoe would happily charge.

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I think @Kev may have stronger views :joy:

The symptoms @dotpaul described reminded me of what @Kev experienced where the charging fault on the car would not reset easily.

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Not all Zoes are born equal. You can get one that’s as good as gold, and another that plays up all the time. If you get the latter, best just to swap it for another.

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Maybe the same vehicle :wink:

We should start a thread, “Vehicles to Avoid” and post a few registration numbers. Then if one of those turns up at your house, you reject it straight away!


Not a bad idea. To be fair it’s been solid until fairly recently. I think it needs the BMS update that’s going round as the range predictions isn’t quite what it should be even when reset. The garage we’re going to do it but then Onto didn’t send a key so they couldn’t.

I’ve only had one BCI in all the time I’ve had it. Even then just tried again and it was fine. This cutting out thing is new though. Slightly worrying too if it were to happen on a motorway :grimacing: