Zoe Ze50 charging

Hi has anyone used a commando socket and the ohme or evchargers 32a commando to type 2 Cable?
With only having the vehicles from onto or similar we don’t obviously qualify for the government scheme. But these commando to type 2 cables seem to be about £250 and relatively cheap
For a commando skt. But before I shell out I thought I’d see if anyone else was doing the same method?


I am in the process of doing this. It’s not entirely simple as I still need a separate feed and breaker for the commando socket. From other threads I think it is usually two or three hundred for the commando socket and gubbins then you get to buy the charger. Octopus do a cheap deal on the Ohme lead at the moment.

Blimey my electrician quoted me 150 for the commando skt fitted with earthing

If you are willing to commit, Onto are willing to give you an extended contract which will make you eligible to claim the grant for a home charging station.

But the grant would only be for a ‘proper’ smart charger not a socket and an Ohme. I am waiting for a quote for the socket at the moment.

Oh I might be tempted with that once a i3 come available. I’m hopefully moving up the list but it was looking like November (12 weeks)

This is what I’m planning on using. Then I can also use it to charge my caravan

Just going down this route myself too. Waiting for the electrician’s quote.We’ll need an earth rod apparently which bumps the cost a tad. I’m guessing somwhere between £200 and £300, but we’ll see. :slight_smile:

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