Zoe ZE 50 My Renault app

Hi, new to posting. Had my new Zoe 2 days now. Love it. I have a question on the my Renault app, which has successfully connected and working. What is the Launch option for? What will it do? I think it to do with pre-conditioning but cant find any explanation anywhere, unless I am missing somehow. Any advice appreciated.


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This launches a 5 minute precondition of the vehicle. You need to have left the heater set to the desired temperature, so it warms the car in winter or cools it in summer.

For most of the early Zoes, this feature unfortunately doesn’t work. The vehicle needs to be taken to a Renault dealer for a software update.

Is your Zoe a 20 or 70 plate? You can contact a dealer and from the registration number they should be able to tell you if a fix is available for your particular vehicle. Some have reported it taking 2 hours to complete, so you may need to arrange a courtesy car if you can’t wait at the dealership that long. Obviously get authorisation from ONTO before booking it in.

Any other issues? Water getting through the door seal or creaking sound coming from boot?

Perfect answer thank you very much. Its a 70 plate so I will do as suggested if I get an error. Your a mind reader How did you know about the craking sound in boot? I spent this morning emptying everything out and parcel shelf, tapping panels all to now avail. Dont tell me let me guess fix is visit Renault? Not rained or washed it yet so not aware of any leaks. Which seal?

The creaking is a known issue. It’s a bad weld joint which rubs on the inside of some plastic trim in the boot area. The fix requires filing down the weld, repainting and putting the trim back, so could require several days at the dealership. At the moment I’m putting up with mine.

Could you try the precondition from the app as I’d be interested to know if it’s working on 70 plate Zoes.

Front doors I believe. I’ve not had the issue personally, but others have.

Will post result once tested.

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Thanks will watch out for leaks.

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One final question does the Features button on the onto app do the same as the Launch on the Renault app? Sorry if this has all been answered before and I am not searching correctly.

Never say “final” :wink:

On the Zoe ZE40 the feature button would either start preconditioning or open the charging flap, depending on the particular vehicle.

On the ZE50, unfortunately it does nothing. Renault didn’t include a 10 minute precondition button on the keycard so ONTO weren’t able to include this in their app. Renault wanted this feature on the app rather than the key, and then failed to make that work on early Zoes.

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Great answer, thanks again until the next final question as you say.

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Have now tested the Launch option. The circle spins for around 30 seconds and then shows a red box with
“An error has occured please try again”. I have tried this with home charging cable attached ( think its call Granny) and charging, and with no cable attached. Same result for both. I assume my 70 plate Zoe requires the upgrade. I will talk to my Renault dealer to find out if one is available as you suggested.

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Hi, my first post on here. Thought I’d help out where I can. I have had my Zoe a few days.

Just thought I’d update you on launch/feature.

For me, I click the launch button and and error message comes up saying it’s failed, however I walked out to the car this morning to find it had in fact started preconditioning (it was not even plugged in). I have repeated this various times since to test, once it is preconditioning I can sometimes turn it off pressing the launch button also, but it seems all very unpredictable whether it will switch off or not. My advice would be to play with it standing next to the car and you’ll hear it from outside when it starts up.

Also, When pressing the function button whilst sat in the car I heard a clicking. Decided to lock the car with me outside and click feature. Found out it unlocks the boot for me, but keeps the doors locked.

I haven’t yet heard the creaking boot thankfully and no leaks as of yet :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the heads up @Meddyg. I’ve just checked and the feature button for my ZE50 opens the boot and unfolds the mirrors, and vice versa. Not sure if this is intentional or even useful. I’d prefer if it unlocked the charging flap and released the cable. Or that it launched a 10 minute preconditioning, as it did on my previous ZE40.

I get the same red message when I try to launch preconditioning from the app. No perceivable reaction from the car. Is your car a 20 or 70 plate?

Have to agree with that statement! It applies to all Renault and other French marques.

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Well, following Meddyg’s useful post I decided to try everything again this morning at about 06.30. Still dark outside with the car parked about 2m away from the bedroom window. I found exactly the same result as Meddyg reported for pressing the Launch. I had not bothered to check the car yesterday because I had the error showing. I still got the error this morning but the car lit up like a Christmas tree outside in the dark and fans came on. 10 mins later lights flash again, fans off all quiet. My neighbours must think I am mad. As I repeated this about 3 times. Next I decided to try the Features option on the Onto app via Bluetooth as car is parked nice and close. Another result I did not notice yesterday. Car lights up again and something occured. Its too cold to get out of bed and go and check so will confirm if anything did happen later. Mine is a recently delivered 70 plate iconic. Sorry I didn’t check more thoroughly before posting previous experience.


It’s a 70 plate.

Used the launch button this morning, warmed up the car fine this morning, let’s hope it works at defrosting the car in a couple of weeks!

I’m glad I found out what the feature button did as now I’m at least aware in case I press it walking away, I assume the mirrors coming out are a warning that the vehicle is open as a visual cue before leaving the car.

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It would be good if there was a list of features for car models so we at least know what happens when we select it.

Glad you got the preconditioning working!

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To finish off my experience so far on this matter, I just tested the Feature button and checked car. I can confirm for me it unlocks the tailgate, another press locks it. I dont have electric folding door mirrors on my model.

Thank you all who responded to this post, it was invaluable and I agree that to have these functions catalouged woild have been nice. Perhaps they are somewhere in the depths of current documentation. Stay safe and well everyone.