Zoe updates

Quick question- do older Zoe ZE50s that get returned to Onto and go back out get any updates that are available? I’m interested to know if I got a 20 plate example if it would come with the BMS fix and energy screen updates that have to be done at a dealer.


If the previous subscriber asked for it to be done, or the dealer took it upon themselves to do it at the last service then yes. As standard though it wouldn’t be done and if you are converned about this then you would have to get it booked in yourself.

Most will have had it done by now I image, but just like the other early teething issues with the ZE50 Zoes, if the car happens to be an ex-spare that’s sat unused in the yard then it’s unlikely to have had anyone notice these issues to have them resolved.

If you book a Zoe today though, you’re likely to get the next batch of brand new 2021.5 models that are due to be added to the fleet towards the end of next month. Obviously this is never guaranteed, but this is likely to be the case.

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I am swapping my 20 plate Zoe due to issues relating to updates. It’s meant to be swapped on 11th Oct. I am hoping it’s the 2021.5 model?

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In case it helps my 21 plate Zoe has the BMS update and energy screen, plate doesn’t always indicate its going to be “new” it can be unregistered stock sitting around.

I Personally wouldn’t hope for that. I like to nickname it the ‘chip shortage edition’ since they removed a few features from the car due to the ongoing supply issues, mixed with a few cost saving features. For the sake of speeding up the production line you won’t always get things to spec either. I’ve seen this work in peoples favor by getting leather seats in their iconic Zoes for example, but also some GT Line owners getting things like the the smaller infotainment screen.

I personally would rather take one with fixes applied, or a late 70/early 21 plate. But I am sure some others would prefer to just get a shiny new car even if it’s a slightly different specification to standard.

(This is my experience with the Zoe in general. So far in terms of Onto fleet, aside from the QI Charging pad being missing, and possibly also the AEBS radar sensor not being fitted, I don’t recally anyone here mentioning significant variations. You may continue to get lucky with the Onto cars and find they are still mostly as described)

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My 21 plate registered late July is missing the wireless phone charger which I assume is a victim of the shortage.

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Oh dear! that will be a shame… I love the wireless charging pad. Having a wireless charging pad was like a breath of fresh air when I moved to a Zoe from a 68 plate XC90 especially it was not even available as an option on a 60K car & you are right I checked Renault website and there is no mention of wireless phone charger :unamused:.

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If you’re after all the gadgets and features, it may be worth stepping up to the Ioniq? Hyundai like to throw all the features at you. The mid-range model that Onto offer has your QI Charging pad, as well as other goodies like heated steering wheel and seats, and adaptive cruise control to name a few. You’ll also gain a fair bit of extra space as well as what most people would consider to be far more comfortable seating.


I did look at the Ioniq but smaller battery and slower charging speeds are not for me. I can live without wireless charging pad but having an extra range of ~50 miles is a big bonus. Zoe ticks a lot of boxes for us and till the time I am able to get my hands on the Model Y I would probably carry on with Zoe.