Zoe sign up bonus new customer

@Hena_at_Onto @Rob_at_Onto

Hi Both,

Have an issue trying to resolve our account.

  1. when we took out the Zoe on 20th October, we couldn’t apply the promo for the discount offer. Called up and was told it would be applied to our account. Just renewed the subscription and have had the new agreement for 20th November 2022 and the discount has not appeared.

Can you please check for me, where is this promo discount?

  1. On our account, i cannot see any of the rewards for our bolt on’s. Any idea how long it takes these to appear?


You’ll get a quicker response if you give Onto a call or speak to them on live chat. Hena et al do check the forum but they’ll probably just ask you to reach out to them so they can look up your account details on their system.


Hey @ZMSR, I hope you’re doing well! Apologies for the delay in responding. I have sent you a DM with more information about the issues you’ve raised, so please do get back to me if you have any questions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: