Zoe noise off

Anyone have any idea how to stop the driving sound on the Zoe by default? I know the button to switch it off, but it’s always on again next time you start car.

That’s how it is, you need to disable it every time.

Yes you cannot permanently override this, thank the EU for that !!

Thanks guys. I’ll live with it.

The UN, actually.

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I thought it was NATO. :older_man:

People with a Zoe with a button to turn it off should be thankful they can turn it off at all. That’s no longer allowed under UN Regulation 138:

“6.2.6. Pause function
Any pause function as defined in paragraph 2.7. shall be prohibited.”

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If it was my own car @BillN and it was as annoying as the ZE50’s “engine noise” - I’d use the :scissors: “Permanent Pause Function”


When you say noise do you mean the noise which helps prevent you running over pedestrians?

Seems rather anti social to turn it off. Wonder how the police would react if you hit someone who was blind and it became apparent you’d turned it off


Not convinced we should be promoting that. And I wouldn’t do it on any Onto car as that will almost certainly void their insurance and therefore yours.


I turn it on near schools and certain other areas.
The Zoe noise is awful. I don’t hear other cars making the same noise.

I’m getting a Zoe next month, first time driving an EV after17 years of driving the guzzlers! Literally just found out that the Zoe has an engine sound effect button - what’s wrong with just using your horn? It’s literally what its there for? :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway, looking forward to being apart of this community!

The sound is to alert pedestrians because otherwise an EV is pretty much silent, and since most people are used to hearing a car approach, it was deemed necessary to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Our car doesn’t have this noise (the i3 from 2019 is before it was mandatory, and it was an optional extra!) - there are times when it’d be great to have.

Pulled up behind a bloke the other day who was on a bicycle in the middle of a one lane street checking his phone for directions. After waiting 30 seconds I called out the window cause he hadn’t heard us and didn’t want to sound the horn :smiley:

Also cause on the i3 it kind of sounds like a spaceship :flying_saucer:

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I’m getting my first EV next month and I’ve a feeling that I’m going to be using my horn a lot - I imagine it’s much more effective than the engine sound effect! lol

Yeah most people still don’t hear the low hum of the sound emitter.

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