Zoe Gt reverse camera keeps failing - Blue screen

Anybody else suffering from sporadic reverse cam on the Gt?

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Yeah I had that before I swapped into the ë-C4.

The old turn it off for 10 mins and walk away trick never failed me :joy::joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Very occasionally…

so its likely to be a s/w issue not a faulty camera to swap out?

Incidentally does the 2020 Gt have heated seats, if so, controlled from where?

Mine doesnt even seem to have heated mirrors (70 reg Oct 2020)

Neither options are available on ONTO spec Zoe’s. However, I believe the heated seats are an option if you buy a Zoe from Renault.:older_man:

Yes it’s software related. The Renault Zoe has quite a few software oddities and glitches that happen at random.

The Zoe doesn’t have heated seats, wheel or mirrors unfortunately. If your car did have them they would be controlled by the piano keys below the touchscreen (where your ECO switch and hazard warning lights button is) but you will notice that on the Onto cars, most of these keys are blanked off as Onto don’t tend to add any optional extras to their models offered.

Not on Onto fleet. The pleather is very cold to touch in winter, it’s a shame they didn’t just have all over fabric seats as would have been a lot warmer. Just use the pre-conditioning as at least the car is then warm.
Door mirrors are heated as standard on both ZE50 models from Onto.

Are they? I had a 70 Plate Iconic from Onto over last winter and there was no sign of heating on that one. My understanding was that it was part of the cold weather pack alongside the seats and wheel.

I could be wrong though.

think u must b right - lack of Ford type screen element a shame too…wot do u expect for £30k?.. :wink:

I must admit I wasnt fully sure when I read your comment, but was pretty sure the latest Zoe’s that Onto have which are MY21.5 spec. which is any Zoe made ~May2021 onwards.
Checked the Onto website and it states both versions have heated door mirrors, but oddly it doesnt state so on Renault website, but does say ‘winter pack’ is just heated steering wheel and seats.

Only one way to check, so just been out to car as its near freezing here and cars been sat unused since lunchtime so good and cold. Got an infra red thermometer and turned on the rear heated screen, which also controls the door mirrors heating and yes it works, got up to 5 degC pretty quickly and rear screen was showing 10degC.


Incredibly useful info thanks @burnt_crisps2 . :older_man:

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u guys…sooooo, how the web should b used - genuine people helping out genuine people

so much better than being attacked by seemingly everyone - keyboard assassins everywhere… ;(

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blue screen fixed with later Gt replacement,…however many s/w glitches remain + range is far less than old car

new one is down in the 3 ml territory / kw at temps above 10 …
Range of 170 not the 220 i got with last car…