Zoe GT Real world range?

Hi all, can anyone with a Zoe GT let us what real world range your getting, thanks!

It’s impossible to really say as it depends wildly on usage, weather, where and when you are driving, what sort of driving style you have, how low you are willing to let the battery go etc.

Assuming a worst case scenario of 3 Miles per kWh efficiency that’s about 150 Miles range. Think of that as motorway driving in the winter.

More average efficiency around 4 Miles per kWh is going to put you around the 200 Miles range. That’s going around the city, using eco mode, not blasting the heater at the hottest possible temperature all the time, planning ahead and making the most of regenerative braking etc… If you are careful you can squeeze more out of it too. My ZE50 Usually predicted around 220-230 miles or so on a full charge.

If you are new to ONTO and EVs, I would suggest taking a look on Zap Map to see where you drive and what places you visit have charging options either there, or close by that you could use to plug in while you work, shop, exercise etc. Or maybe even home charging if that is a possibility. I think the majority of us here find a routine that works for us and just top up our batteries here and there rather than running to empty and recharging to full and starting the cycle over again. Just something to think about.


Thanks for the heads up, really useful.

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Great post from @Koda. I would only add that even on long motorway journeys I get at average of 4.2 miles/kWh using eco mode and cruising at about 65mph.

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Best that I got from a ZE40 was 261 miles (with 4% remaining) That was 6.3mpkWh. Can’t get anywhere near that consumption in the ZE50, even when it was warmer outside. Got 4.1 on the last 128 miles, which would give a range of 213 miles.

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