Zoe GT Line R135 ZE50 - Climate Control

I’ve had a problem with the climate control since March.

It wasn’t heating the cabin properly in March when set to the highest temperature.
With the hotter weather the air conditioning isn’t working on the lowest temperature (or any temperature in fact).

Car was taken to garage in March for inspection and was told nothing was wrong.

Had the car serviced yesterday and reported the air conditioning fault. Was told nothing was wrong. Went to collect the car today and showed the mechanic it wasn’t working at all. They’ve now found the fault which is a leaking pipe and insufficient gas, which wasn’t a problem the day before.

Anyway, if anyone has a similar problem - don’t let the garage tell you all is fine based on their ‘diagnostic’ test, without you being there to demonstrate the problem to them. Phone call yesterday said gas level was fine but today it wasn’t when they retested.

I’ve uploaded some photos showing the location of the fault.

The damp on the tubes indicates the leak. Garage says it’ll take 2 days to fix. Day 1 to get to the pipe to determine which one is faulty plus order part for next day delivery. Day 2 to replace.
In short - not a quick job.


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well done :slight_smile: