Zoe GT Line questions

Hello folks, I have received a new Zoe GT and I have a few questions if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

  1. How can I be warm inside the vehicle while is charging ? I have tried several things suggested and nothing works.

  2. How can I use the pre-condition ? Again, is not working.

  3. The mileage within the Onto app is still 1000, is not being updated. Any idea ?

Many Thanks !

  1. I never got this to work either. Theoretically you can program the vehicle to preheat to start from a certain time. You just set a time at the next quarter hour (hope I’m not getting mixed up with ZE40 because I had that for longer than ZE50)

  2. Only from the My Renault app which you download and link to the vehicle. Is your Zoe brand new. Some of the early ones needed a visit to a dealer before the preconditioning would work.

  3. A common issue with all vehicles. If you need to keep track of your mileage, just use the trip meter in the meantime and see if the mileage recorded on the app gets updated going forward.

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  1. Renault app select climatise interior whilst charging as, with 2 the same its, the launch button make sure you keep app open until green success banner comes up
    3 will sort it self out

Nothing works for me, the car is new and can´t charge the vehicle while is warm inside. I don´t know if I need to go to the dealer to get it working.

If it’s a 20 plate it needs a dealer visit. If it’s a 70 plate it will work.

Climate timers only work if you switch it on, then get out of the car and lock the doors, though you can then get in once it’s started. The car must also be plugged in and charging, and not have a low battery level. The ‘ready’ time is more like the start time, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t switch on until the last minute.

You can remote precondition through the Renault app too, but you need to have your car fully registered to the account for this to function correctly. This usually takes a bit of driving, and possibly a few attempts of de-registering and re-syncing with a new activation code before it comes to life. The car can be unplugged for this, but again you must not have a low battery and the doors must be closed and locked to start, but you can again step inside once it begins.

Renault’s servers are slow and not always reliable. Don’t be surprised if you press the button and there is a long delay of over a minute. Expect to see an error message to say the command wasn’t sent but in reality the car is still preheating as per your request for example.

One final note is that it doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as running the heater with the car switched on. It will start off slightly warm, but once it gets to a fairly low temperature of about 16-18 Celcius but once it reaches that it will continue to blast the fans at full power to circulate this without much extra heat so it can feel quite cold.


Just taken delivery of the Zoe on Monday, quick question, I pressed standby mode on the screen… now it’s frozen on that sunset with the date and time and can’t seem to get it off that? It’s like there’s no button to press or get out of that screen? I’ve tried all kinds of iPad presses and double taps and triple fingers etc. Nothing seems to work, so I’ve not no sat nav, no radio/ apple car play or anything at the moment. Any ideas anyone?

Just press the power button on the radio and it should come back on. If it doesn’t, leaving the car locked up for 10+ minutes before returning to it should fix if it is frozen.

If that doesn’t fix it, it’s likely a case of a dealer visit or disconnecting the 12v battery (but I am unsure if ONTO Would be happy with you doing this yourself)

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@Koda yeah I didn’t have anything to press on the screen was completely bare. I didn’t have a power button in the corner on the left either like I did last night.
Ok, I’ll have a look tonight when I finish work, really annoying that happened this morning!
Hopefully it’s sorted itself out. Must have been the last nights snow - car didn’t want to get out of bed… neither did I :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ah, I forgot the GT Line doesn’t have the buttons beneath the screen like the Iconic that I’m used to and that they are all software based within the touchscreen itself! That definitely does make it a little more problematic when the option to switch it back on has disappeared.

Hopefully they do re-appear when you try again later on, but I think you’re quickly learning that Renault didn’t do a very good job with the software on these cars. I personally found the old R-Link system used on the old ZE40 to be a much better experience.

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As expected really. Trying to make stuff more visually appealing, software failing miserably. Sounds like every other company other than Tesla right about now.

@Koda thankfully that 10hour sit in the ice and wind gave it time to think about the stunt it pulled earlier in the day. I noticed the welcome sound didn’t play this morning either wonder if that’s connected in some way? Anyways happy days it’s fixed. Don’t think I’ll be putting it in standby mode again anytime soon. :cry::cry::weary::weary:. Thanks for the help though. Appreciated. :facepunch:

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The welcome sound isn’t reliable even when everything else is working normally. It doesn’t seem to stop other things from functioning in my experience so don’t worry about it.

It’s very rare that I bother to put it in standby either. If I don’t want the music or radio on I tend to just mute the sound instead.

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On mine it didnt work alot of the time but I don’t like it anyway.

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Hi everyone. I just received my Zoe GT today - and I sooooo want to love it but…

  1. It is stuck in an updating software process - will it ever manage to get to the end of that? - Does my phone need to be connected to complete it?
  2. My phone won’t show accurately whether the door is locked or unlocked or indeed control that process - just shows it as unlocked all the time - any ideas?
  3. The app doesn’t seem to update the distance travelled in terms of total miles left - weird but not critical - any ideas?
  4. Am I better off using the Renault app on my phone?
  5. I can’t see a dashcam - I thought they were all meant to have them… any thoughts?
    Thanks for any assistance!

This is what it should look like, near/behind the rear view mirror.


I’d ring Renault Customer Services on 0344 335 0000 and select Option 4 for Multimedia Support.


Do you have the key, and are you using that? I think the app will show what you did last with it, rather than the current situation. Lock the car with the key, and then put it outside of the proximity area. Then try using the app. Refresh and see if it connects to the vehicle. There could be some conflict if you have the keycard on you and try and use the app.

Useful to have both. The Renault app will allow you to precondition the vehicle, which the ONTO doesn’t.

This is a common issue. You could try signing out and then back in again. It should eventually display the correct remaining mileage, but there’s often a lag before it updates. Use one of the trip meters to keep track if you’re worried about exceeding your mileage allowance.


What phone are you using. If its iphone the latest os version has some known issues reported on this forum. Also is Bluetooth and location switched on? Finally, the key for the app needs internet connection at least once a day. Hope you resolve your issues soon.:older_man:


Regarding number 1 on your list, the data connection from Renault servers to the Zoe is 4g provided by EE I think. If you are in a poor signal area for them this could cause delayed, failed or prolonged updates. :older_man:


Ok. So I definitely don’t have one of these on the screen. In some ways I’m quite glad… Thanks for the reply. Anyone else not got one?