Zoe GT Line+ charging

Hi folks.

I have been using the Osprey chargers local to me and I have never ever got over 20KW charging rate. I always use the CCS rapid charge connection.

Any ideas why it is always so slow to charge?


Probably a process of elimination.

Look on Zap-Map and see if others find those chargers are slow.

Do you get faster charging at other locations?

Have you ever got faster charging, perhaps when it was warmer?

You should get a maximum of 43kW or so at low state of charge and a warm battery. If you’ve never seen that in those circumstances, it could be the car.

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I will check out Zap map. Often when I’m charging at the Osprey chargers there are Tesla’s, VW’s and DPD vans all getting 50KW plus and I’m crawling at <20KW.

It’s a while since I’ve used InstaVolt so I’ll check those out too.

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This is likely the right answer.
I’ve had so many convesations with other Zoe drivers who complain the charge speed is so slow. But then find that they have only driven about 10 minutes that day to reach the charger, and are plugging in while they still have 40% or so left in the battery still.

You need to be ideally down to 10-20% and have a warm battery (An extended motorway run, not a short 10 minute drive a few blocks away to the local charger after leaving it outside overnight in freezing cold temperatures.) If you start a charge in the right conditions you can get up to 46kW until around 60% Before it starts to slow down. And stay well above the 20kW charging speeds that @EVictor has experienced until you unplug at 80%.


The level of charge that’s in the battery seems to be the biggest variable for me when it comes to the charging speed I get with ‘my’ Zoe.

Below 55%/60% charge (and in weather a lot less cold than it is today!) I regularly get upwards of 40kW. But, above 60% the charging rate drops off dramatically down to below 20kW.

It’s worth taking a look at the charging rate graphs on the Fastned website (https://support.fastned.nl/hc/en-gb/articles/360035723373-Renault), I’ve copied the one for the Zoe below…


Let’s hope that the Renault 5 electric will be a faster charger than the Zoe it replaces next year.


I found in cold weather the Zoe was a slow charger. Even if I had driven home (33 miles at motorway speeds) and stopped off on the way it could be slow. Temps below 12 or maybe 7 were a killer for DC and AC(22kw) charging… one of the reasons I chose another car over the Zoe as much as I loved her :blush: