Zoe GT & Ioniq Premium customers... your price is changing

Hi all,

Thank you for being part of the Onto community.

In the last few months we’ve been working very hard to improve our service, always striving to optimise our operations and improve our efficiency so that we can bring the best value to our subscribers.

Recent improvements have enabled us to adjust the prices on 2 of our models: The Renault Zoe GT Line and the Hyundai Ioniq Premium 38kWh, allowing us to translate those savings ONTO you!

Now the Renault Zoe GT Line will be £399 per month, while the Hyundai Ioniq Premium 38kWh will be £419.

These price changes will be effective from tomorrow, for both existing and new customers.

What does this mean for you?

  • For those who just signed a new contract, but the renewal will start after the 10th of February, the discount will be reflected in your account in the next few days.
  • For those who received a contract, but haven’t signed it yet and the renewal starts after the 10th of February, you will receive an updated version of the contract with the new price for you to sign.
  • For those new to these cars, the new price will be reflected from the moment you book the car for the first time.
  • These new prices are only valid starting on February 10th, 2021, and no discounts will be applied retrospectively.

We will continue to work hard to make your experience with Onto as good as it can be!

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 030 6840.

Rob and the Onto Team


Nice one Rob (& team) :+1:


Great news great service and even a better price


Hang on… hang on… a price DROP, Shell Cards and wonderful service improvements!

Keep it up Team ONTO :heart:


Brilliant thank you very much, onto just keep getting better and better :+1:t2:


Wow, now that’s awesome :+1:


I’ll be handing back a Leaf and booking the Ioniq tomorrow then.


The Ioniq is an awesome car, the best EV I’ve had so far.


Can someone please just remind me what the prices were before? Totally forgotten now!

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Ioniq was priced at £449


ZE50 GT Line was £419, now £399


Nice bonus as mine gets delivered on the 15th


I was going to get one anyway but while I was paying £379 for a Leaf I didn’t fancy it, however… this reduced price makes a huge difference and I’m happy to pay the difference now.


So now they’ll only be a difference of £10 a month between the Iconic and GT Line. Will anyone still choose an Iconic Zoe from now on? You get quite a few extra features for a tenner.


Thanks @Kev & @KineticHaze


Any chance of a price drop on my i3 please lol

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My thinking too. Now considering a switch but it’s probably not worth all the fees to swap.

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With these changes the mileage tier situation is even more curious between the Ioniq and the e-208.

Haven’t you got enough ONTO Reward Points to cover a delivery charge?

@E7EV Do we need to sign up for these Onto Reward Points? How do we know how much points we have for rewards?

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