Zoe CCS Fail Survey

  • Polar Ultracharger
  • InstaVolt
  • Ecotricity
  • GeniePoint
  • Shell Recharge
  • BP Forecourts UHP

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  • 100% Fail Rate
  • 90% Fail Rate
  • 80% Fail Rate
  • 70% Fail Rate
  • 60% Fail Rate
  • 50% Fail Rate
  • 40 % Fail Rate
  • 30% Fail Rate
  • 20% Fail Rate
  • 10% Fail Rate
  • 0% Fail Rate

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It seems you can only answer one option on the survey. Plus there are a lot of other networks and charger models used by each network.

Because I clearly have too much time on my hands, I have been doing tests at a number of different chargers that are in my general area. I only have one model left to try, and a couple of others to retry. I’ll try to get that done this morning and post back with my findings.

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ABB Terra 54 (50kW) - 2 Successful charges. First charge made the unit go out of order once I finished charging. Second charge was fine. No fails.

ABB HPC (175kW) - 2 Successful charges. No fails.

Chargemaster Ultracharge (50kW) - 1 succesful charge. 1 charge started and failed after a few minutes. 3 complete failed attempts.

Chargepoint Express 200 (50kW) - 2 Succesful charges. No fails.

Chargepoint Express 250 (62kW) - 2 Succesful charges. No fails. Charge rate was less than 30kW both times.

DBT Old (50kW) - 3 Succesful charges. No fails

DBT Compact (50kW) - 2 Succesful charges. No fails

Efacec QC45 (50kW) - 2 Attempts. Both less than 20kW and failed within 10 minutes.

EVBox Troniq (50kW) - 3 Succesful charges. No fails

eVolt TriRapid Compact (50kW) - 3 Attempts. All failed.

eVolt Raption (50kW) - 2 Succesful charges. No fails

Rolec Delta (150kW) - 2 Attempts. Both failed.

(I’ve tried to do multiple attempts with each charger, and have tried to either go to a different location and/or another ZE50 to mine in order to rule out the chance of an isolated issue with just one car or one charger)