Zoe App Issues

Morning 🫡

Zoe was delivered yesterday absolutely no issues. 3rd Onto car and 3rd perfect delivery. And delivered by a fellow Mancunian who was texting me updates. Can’t ask for more.

Absolutely love the Midnight Blue. Yeah, the car isn’t as good as the Kona and isn’t as fun to drive as the ID3, but the interior is arguably nicer than the ID3 and it’s decent round town👀 SoC showing 214 miles to empty but we’ll see about that.

Anyhoo, I can’t connect the ‘My Renault’ app. I’ve signed up but I can’t add the car. Keep getting the following:

Anyone who’s had a Zoe had this before or anyone else know how to fix it?


You need to activate the car with the button that will show on the home screen when it first boots up, then wait 72 hours.

Delete the car’s VIN from your online Renault profile and add it again after those 72 hours have elapsed. The online services will then be active and you’ll be able to register the car successfully.


I love the red, but wow, that blue really pops, too!

And yes, the app will sort itself out. On my first Zoe last year it took about a week to sort itself out, but when I got my new Zoe a couple of months ago, it only took 24 hours or so.


That sounds a faff! :flushed:

…and… is there anything that @Koda doesn’t know? (Rhetorical)

… and - that looks good, smart in that colour choice! “Nice car Mister


Ok cool. I already deleted the car and when I switched the car on this morning it asked about data sharing which I chose yes so we’ll wait and see I guess.



Day 3 and still getting error occurred when adding car.

Time to call Renault?

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Cheers for the help.


Hi what was your issue, mine still hasn’t connected

I just followed what @Koda advised in the earlier post.

Waited 3 (advised 4) days after activating data mode in the car.

After the 3 days, I just kept adding the VIN until it logged me in.

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Nice colour! Just got my new red Zoe this week and had to wait a couple of days for the Renault app to burst into life.
My issue is actually with the Onto app - the car is showing there, but miles are still at 750 and battery charge says 0%, despite the “last updated” date being earlier today.
Anyone else seen this issue? Is it specific to the new Zoes, something that will just sort itself out in a few days, or something to report to Onto?

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Have you tried leaving the keycard at home, and unlocking using the Onto app, driving the car a mile or two then locking with the app again? Doing this a couple of times a month is usually enough to keep the vehicle data reporting back to the server.

If it doesn’t update then keep track of mileage yourself and get in touch with Onto to let them investigate what’s gone wrong.


I think this happens across the board - I’ve certainly seen the odd glitch, and I haven’t yet had a Zoe.

It might just sort itself out, although I’d be inclined to just take a picture of your odometer from time to time, like while your charging, so you have a record “J.I.C!”

is the app otherwise behaving itself? can you lock and unlock successfully? I’d leave the key a far enough distance from the car from time to time and make sure the app gets a chance with the Onto kit in the car and, mostly, everything should be fine.

Welcome to Onto and the Community, btw :wave:t2:

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Cheers. The colours is lovely.

I’ve had no trouble at all with the Onto APP and the Zoe. Seems to be updating just fine, although I will do a calculation to confirm that as I recorded the mileage on delivery.

The Zoe is a pretty decent car. My only issue with it is it’s pretty uncomfortable in a city like London, which is full of uneven roads, bumps and potholes. Range is superb, though.


Thanks - and thanks @Koda too.
I’ve taken your advice, opened and closed it with the app and driven round a bit. I’ll do that rather than using the key and see how I get on :+1:

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I’m glad someone created a thread about the Zoe App. I don’t really need to use it, but as it’s there….

In my case I have connected ok, but on the front page I have an orange/red exclamation mark over the ‘Climate control’ section. However, whatever I do to try and follow the instructions to resolve this I get the following error when I click on ‘check activation’:

“Oops! A problem has occurred. We were unable to retrieve the information from your vehicle’.

I’ve searched for any information I can about the app (and there seems to be very little from official sources), but can’t seem to find an answer. Any thoughts?

On a happier topic, I love my 22 Zoe (flame red) so far. It’s my first EV so in fairness I don’t have a lot to compare it with, but so far so good.

It’s weird.

To get it it work, you actually have to create a climate schedule IN THE CAR first. The app suggest you just need to open the screen, but for me, I actually had to create a schedule in the car.

Then the app loaded the schedules and now it works purely on the app.

As above, that should cure the issue, but once it’s working from the app, delete the schedule in the car, otherwise it will always kick in and you might not want it to.

It shouldn’t need a schedule creating in the car at all.
It should just work on the app, just click the ‘launch’ button and climate should start, providing it has enough battery charge to do so.

Wow. That seems….odd. Thanks for the info. Like I said, I may never use it, but I hate those exclamation marks…

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