Zoe App has stopped working - Data Collection can't be switched on

Hi all,

Has anyone with a Zoe experienced this after the recent media centre update? The app says I need to turn Data Collection on in the car but that button won’t toggle at all. It would be nice to be able to precondition the car whilst the weather is so spicy.

If I remember correctly it’s to do with poor mobile signal and if you move the car to a better reception area it will eventually update so you can toggle it on.

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Whilst a bit of a pain if you’ve made some changes to the layouts etc, I can also sugest doing a system reset on the infotainment.

I foolishly closed down the “Do you want the use Apple Car Play” message when i got mine, and could never get it to show again until I tried the reset.


Thanks but it doesn’t seem to be the problem this time. I’ve tried in a few locations and I’ve had full signal (for the car’s connectivity) in each one.

@George_at_Onto Unfortunately this didn’t work either. The Renault infotainment system is pretty bad and laggy - I’m so glad it works with Carplay!

Renault’s customer service weren’t very helpful - “Drive to a different location and try it there” which is something I’d already done.

A few days later, and in the same location as usual, Data Sharing was suddenly not greyed out anymore and I could toggle it on. I don’t know if Renault did something at their end or if this was just another one of those weird Zoe quirks.

Whatever it was, I can use the app again.

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What was the update version you got?
Glad the gremlins have departed and it’s now working for you.
Maybe it was a Renault server side issue.