Zoe AEBS system

Maybe I’m wrong here but it seems to me the ONTO description of the Zoe is not 100 percent accurate. According to my own research not all Zoe’s have the AEBS not even the GT line if it was produced during the first half of 2020. I notice this has also been mentioned as a safety feature by ONTO when addressing concerns about the zero star NCAP rating it just got. I have checked in the settings on our Zoe, it should be under settings Vehicle driving aids then the option to enable this feature. I can’t see it there so I suspect the Zoe I have does not have the radar needed for this to work which was only added in new versions of the R135. Has anybody else noticed this? If I’m not mistaken here then I would suggest ONTO describe the car more accurately since I honestly feel a bit miss lead, I only researched this as some kids ran out in front of me last night and I had to do an emergency stop and was surprised the car did nothing. If I’m missing something I apologise and will withdraw this comment.

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