Zoe 83% charge range

I charged my zoe ze50 overnight and its at 83% charge but only showing 146m range yesterday a couple of days ago it was at 70% and had 170m range just wondering why the big difference sorry if stupid question but my first ev

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It’s based on your recent driving style. Drive around the city in eco mode, use regenerative braking, no heater and good weather and you’ll see 250 miles or even more on a full charge. Blast down the motorway with the heater set to the highest temperature, strong winds, rain, cold temperatures and you’ll probably see more like 150 miles with a full battery.

It’s perfectly normal, and it’s just an estimate to give you an idea of how far you can realistically travel based on how you have been driving recently.


Reset the kwph and drive in eco for a while, it will re calculate

Totally not a stupid question OP, hope you are enjoying being an EV convert!

I personally think it also must take into account the current ambient temperature too… Many a time I have had one range estimate when parking, next morning it has changed with no driving in between.

Ultimately you will learn what kind of range you can expect given particular driving conditions. I find that my zoe will generally overestimate the range, especially at higher SOC (State of Charge).

Agree with this. I also see this behaviour.

Not at all stupid. I too had exactly the same question back in June when I was brand new to the RV world.
Ignore the miles. For me they are a complete nonsense.
I look at the battery percentage, the number shown is a fact where as the miles are based on your previous driving terrain and style.

I’ve got the i3 it hates going over 56mph, it eats the miles. It hates the cold too. Oh and it hates cold motorway spray. I think this is general battery car problem rather than an i3 problem.