Zoe 50 loosing 10% after charging

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve had it happen a few times now where I’ve charged to around 80% on a fast charger, then found the charge has dropped 10% by the next day after only a very short drive.

My Zoe did similar, the BMS was showing the battery was 80% capacity, rather than nearer 100%. BMS was updated by Renault and all was good after that.

When you rapid charge the charge level isn’t going to be perfectly accurate. Sometimes it will over-read and other times it will under-read a little.

If it’s getting especially bad then there are 2 things to consider:
-Do a slower AC Charge session all the way to 100% and let it stop itself. Do this for your next 2 or 3 charge sessions. It will help with cell balancing and should improve this accuracy, as well as giving you a slight boost to range. After this, try to do so maybe once per month.
-If problems persist, and you don’t have a Zoe that was made within the last few months then it’s worth getting it booked in with the dealer to have a BMS Update installed. If you have a 20 plate, or some 70 plates there’s a good chance that it needs one which will also make a noticeable difference.


about to get my Zoe (dont know if new or not) - what is BMS - battery monitoring system?
I borrowed a 2020 GT and also found after a 80% 50kwh charge, the % went into free-fall for first few miles and also shows limited battery performance or similar - Zoe likes to b topped up at home to give her best it would seem

Battery Management System. I should wait and see if this is an issue with the Zoe that you get from ONTO.