ZE50 Red Light on Rolec 7kw charger

Is this a common thing? Tried 3 different posts and they all came up red instantly when it was plugged in

Usually a communication or earth issue. Were the posts all at the same location?

Yes. Same at a Chargemaster 7kw ASDA Charger

The bank of chargers was at meadowhall, about 40 units and about 10 vehicles charging there.

We have the same chargers at work which are absolutely reliable with Leafs, NV200s and Teslas but with the Zoe I can’t get them to connect. I get a yellow flashing of the ZE followed by solid red and this message

A bit of a long shot but as I know the AC charger works (because the granny cable is OK) are there any checks that can be performed on the type 2 cable. For instance is the PE pin (bottom left) supposed to be 10mm shorter than PP pin (bottom right)

Ok, so a quick update.

I got the red light of death at Meadowhall, then whenever I plugged the vehicle in after that it would turn red again instantly.

I tried a 7kw at ASDA, a 3.5 kW at Harvester and they both also came up red.

When I got home I plugged it into the granny lead, which actually appeared to have worked (from the lights on the lead), 0% increase over 30 mins and the ZE didn’t light up at all.

So I grab my own 3 phase type 2 cable, head down to harvester, it worked.

I tried the supplied lead, that also worked.

I tried a tethered type 2 rapid, that even worked.

So I thought, I must be been crazy, I returned to Meadowhall for nothing more than my crazy curiosity and tried the same charger with my own lead. Bang, the Red light of ZE Death was back.

I tried the other car park too, that was also an instant red.

Return to Harvester, 3.5kW charger, red.
Rapid on Type 2, red.

Luckily CCS actually worked!

So, the huge huge issue here is, if the car gets a fault on a charge, it won’t accept another type 2 until the fault is cleared. No idea how it’s cleared, because it didn’t when I left the vehicle off for 20 minutes.

Absolutely incompetence on Renaults part, it doesn’t even attempt to check the future chargers, just goes to red the second it’s plugged in!


Even here mid way through a CCS charge, it’s still showing the :warning: Check charging station and I’ll guess it will red light if plugged into a T2 again

That behavior is slightly different to mine. When plugged in to the 7kW post it says checking in progress for maybe 2 mins, the ZE flashes mainly yellow and occasionally briefly red then eventually goes solid red. I tried it later the same day and got the same result. It has since charged successfully on CCS rapid and ultra rapid chargers. There are a few other posts in other units on my work site so i shall do a bit of a survey next week by which time i should also have my home Ohme cable to play with as well.

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As with CCS charging, it seems to be an ONTO Zoe issue. Not read about anyone else having this issue on the Speakev forum. May just be coincidence, but I’m wondering if either Renault are giving ONTO their QC fails, or maybe they’ve not faired very well during their 5 months outside storage at Southampton.

AC charging capability is a fundamental requirement for an EV, and arguably more important than functioning CCS. In previous generation Zoes, these type of faults were notoriously difficult to resolve and often resulted in months at the dealership.

I’d inform ONTO of the situation and ask for replacement vehicles. I can’t see that this issue will resolve itself, given that it is happening at multiple posts.

Checking the 12v battery is usually the first thing to do. If it’s not producing the correct voltage, then this can throw up all sorts of random issues. Apparently you can get a cheap voltmeter off the internet that plugs into the accessories port. Or do Halfords offer a free battery appraisal service? Depends whether you want to do a bit of running around to potentially solve the issue yourselves, or just get cars that work. Remember, a precedent has been set :wink:

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Just imagining the Saturday girl/boy’s reaction when you ask: “Can you check the battery on my electric car, please?” :rofl:


@E7EV I’d rather not replace the vehicle, I have 3 parking permits that would need to be changed over and a M6Toll MEP that is associated to the VRM.

It seems like a standard fault, if it goes red on one charger, it goes straight to red without even trying any future ones without a reset (We just need a CTRL+ALT+DEL button).

Problem can be easily replicated, go to a “Red charger/Incompatible” and drive to Renault dealer, the fault will occur any time they plug into another Type 2 post - It takes less than 1 second to go red (I tried 2, which worked fine after it had reset >60 minutes off)


This is different from the behavior of mine. I have now tried 4 different sets of AC chargers and so far have two fails and two successes. The fails are not immediate but takes probably a couple of minutes of checking whilst the successful charges are established in less than 10 seconds.

One of the successes was a newly installed set of 4 x 2.3 KW posts at Waitrose Swindon Wichelstowe. A complete waste of time as you would have to live within 4 miles to get as much charge out of an hours connection as you would consume getting to the shop, a bit like a petrol pump that serves by the cupful.


My issue is literally red light within 1 second, so this is a totally different issue

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Understand completely, but fear it may be easier and quicker to sort out the permits than the car. Hope I’m wrong.

Presumably you’ll have to do that for the courtesy car anyway. Historically these issues haven’t been easy or quick to fix. It often involves swapping out major components until the problem disappears. These parts will need to be shipped in from France. Not all dealers have proved to be competent at diagnosing and fixing issues on EVs.

First thing is definitely confirm that the 12v battery is performing properly. Let’s hope it’s a faulty battery causing the issue. Simple to resolve.

If you can still get enough charge into the car for your normal usage, try and keep it while the dealer orders and waits for delivery of any required parts. There have been cases of Zoes being at the dealers for months.

These owners had no choice but to wait patiently. You don’t have to. Isn’t that one of the reasons why you’re with ONTO and not got the same car cheaper via lease or PCP?


This is what happened with my Zoe before my family Holiday up North… it has been with Renault now for just over 2 weeks and luckily Renault are providing me with a car (ICE but better than nothing).

Renault have been a nightmare… OnTo have mostly been fine (one person fab, others a bit less so bit not terrible)

Renault are due to be looking at it tomorrow (it has taken this long for them to even look at it.

Will let you know what happens.

@Lily_at_Onto - have many others reported the red lights of doom? Is there a known issue?


For the first time since April I drove in to work in my Kia diesel and enjoyed it. The Zoe doesn’t like the chargers at work and I can’t afford to spend my lunchtime driving out to sit at a rapid charger having to switch the aircon back on every 4 minutes.


Strange all these charger issues, I’ve not had a single problem with many many numerous chargers in my Zoe, every single charger I’ve used has always worked perfectly. For me it’s not the car that’s ever the problem if anything it’s the charger being faulty / offline or dead !


Same here. Though don’t want to jinx it :grimacing:


That’s why I’d been holding off posting :crazy_face:


Sounds interesting. How does that work?