ZE50 maximum charge range issue

Charged my Zoe ZE50 twice today to full (or 99%… as it never reaches 100%) and have Noticed a significant drop in range. After the first charge it shows range of 187 miles and now it’s showing just 148 miles (image attached!)image . Anyone else having this issue?? Quite concerning!

The last 1% can take a long time because the BMS is balancing all the battery cells. It is good to allow it to do this regularly. Otherwise leave at 99%.

The range prediction is based on how you have been recently driving. If you have been driving at 70mph on a motorway, the range will be calculated on that basis.

You have a 52kW battery. Your consumption will vary dependent on temperature, speed, topography, wet or dry conditions etc. You should get from 3 mpkWh at worse and 5 at best. This equates to a range of between 156 and 260 miles.


It’s based on your recent driving style. If you’re speeding along motorways in the wind and rain, and blasting the heater on full power this figure will drop.

Put it in Eco mode, take it easy, plan ahead and make full use of regen braking then you should see the prediction increase. With my driving I’ve never seen it below 200 miles on a full battery. Often a fair bit more.

As @E7EV has pointed out above the last 1% charge takes a long time but it’s important to let the car do that every now and then to allow for cell balancing. If they go too far out of balance you’ll end up with weak cells and your range will suffer, especially at the bottom end of the battery.


In fact we call the range predictor the GOM (Short for Guess O’Meter)!