ZE50: Initial Reaction

:-1: No over-mats
:-1: AC not as cold as ZE40

:+1: Automatic folding door mirrors
:+1: B mode


Guess today of all days is a good test of aircon… :hot_face: or :cold_face:

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Not having mats is a bit poo !!

I find the AC in the ZE40 takes a while to get going, would have thought in the newer model if anything it should have been better !

No mats! That’s odd.

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Are they going to send us the mats later? :flushed:

Come on guys, some of us have longer to wait… give us more.
Whats it like to drive?
Has it got a good kick behind it?
Whats the touchscreen like?
Am I going to want my i3 back?
Soooooo many questions

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Not had time to test it, but hope to this evening. Coming from a ZE40, it’s markedly faster. Compared to an i3, it may feel slow.

Also feels more solid and better put together, although still has the same tinny door slam noise. Couldn’t they have filled the door cavities with batteries!! Suspension deals with speed humps better. A lot less side to side motion.

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I’m not very tech savvy but could we keep copy and pasting this so we can all participate and build up some feedback for ONTO. If someone can do a better job, please set it up for us Lollards. Could we add the number of us that agree to each point? Come on, where are the five year olds when you need them?

ZE50 Initial Reaction

Granny lead included Dash cam too low on screen
Over-mats included Handsfree unlock doesn’t work
No feature
Auto fold mirrors AC not cold
B Mode Faux leather gets hot in sun
Brilliant headlights No precondition
Auto dip No AC/heater during charging
Good sound system

Would the ZE40 mats fit?


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Wondered the same thing. If I had noticed I might have been tempted. After all it was a swap. I had to give old Zoe new Zoe’s granny charger as I’d left mine at home, expecting the swap to take place there 5 hours later on. I did get permission though.

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I just got this from ONTO:

Unfortunalty our PDI partners have identified that your vehicle is missing a Polar charging card, we are terribly sorry about this and are in the process of sending you one out to your home address.


are these three mats you’re talking about?


Oh so yours did have the mats included

Me too (missing Polar Card) but for me is a non issue as mostly use Charge Place Scotland locatios

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Well done @ArtursEV. I wondered who would spot my deliberate mistake first!


Yes I do use Polar quite a lot but do have plenty of other options around me, including a GeniePoint literally down the road, which is quite cheap anyway !

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If you’re stuck, ask ONTO to give you the number of your card so that you can start/stop a charge over the phone. I’d let you have mine but not sure if they prefer to keep Polar Subscriptions linked to the vehicle they have been allocated to.

Top Tip: Take a photo of your Polar Card. If you lose or forget it, you can use the card number to start/stop a charge over the phone.

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I think Polar must know about it, and gussing On.To are a big client

The email said if you call Polar and say It is an On.To Car and give the details they will start it for you.


Yeah I’ve still got the photo of my current Polar card, guess I can just ring up Polar and use that to start a charge until the new card comes !!!


Yes to be fair it does say that, let’s just hope it’s not like a call asking ONTO to unlock the car, at least seventeen security questions and 10 mins later…

I did like the app but just having the physical key card is like 100000 times better than the app to unlock the car and on the ZE40 all you have to do is walk away with the key card in your pocket and it automatically locks, if I’m right with the new car tomorrow I’ll be able to be completely keyless as the key card can lock / unlock without having to be removed from my pocket :smiley:

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