ZE50: Electric motor failure

Not good.


Hoping to recover to local Renault dealer when they open tomorrow morning.

ouch :confused: was that during startup or did it happen in the middle of the drive?

Startup. After some failed charging attempts from a 3kW lamppost charger.

Just to be sure, have you tried leaving it locked up and doing nothing for 30 minutes after the failed charge attempts? Sometimes it’s all it takes to fix various errors that were caused by external factors.


Well would you believe it… Zoe has been reborn overnight. Going to see if she’ll accept a charge and then cancel the tow truck!


It’s a miracle!

Should still get it checked though, you don’t want to be left stranded somewhere like that.

You’ve been to his house then :laughing:

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Don’t joke… :grimacing: Currently halfway through a 450 miles journey. So far so good…

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Fear not. I made it. And thankfully the fault did not recur. :cry: Trip report to follow!