ZE50 Easy Link connectivity issues

The R Link 2 system in my Zoe ZE50 never worked very well since delivery last week.

Now it appears to have totally lost its data connection. See photo.

I’ve done a number of factory resets and rebooted by holding down the power button but nothing changes.

Anyone got any ideas?


I had a similar issue with my first ZE40. Renault CS tried everything possible over the phone, mostly what you’ve already done. Had to go to a dealer in the end. Only took 40 minutes to solve, so I waited while they did the work.

I’m not recommending it, but others have just located the appropriate fuse and removed it for 60 seconds. This often solves the problem. Again this was with the ZE40, and the vehicles belonged to those individuals.


Thanks @E7EV. I don’t trust myself pulling fuses… tempting as it is. I’ll get it booked in via Onto driver support…