ZE50 CCS Charging Fails

I’ve finally done all the leg work to get my broken zoe collected. Called renault garage where booking is made for 21/09, they said to call renault assist, who then said its z.e. assist not them. So rang them and finally got to someone who had the details of my car who advised I was waiting on a courtesy car and thats why they hadnt sorted out recovery. Arghhh! So tomorrow they turn up and cant guarantee that renault will have space to store the car for 2.5 weeks. Not my problem!!


I think you’ve gone above and beyond on this one!

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I’m drained…funny having two identical cars outside, what will the neighbours say!


Just make sure they take the right one :rofl:


It’s finally gone! Although the recovery driver was a little perplexed by it all. “Where’s the key?” Multiple calls from recovery company when car got to renault garage asking me to unlock the car. Such a faff, really needs a key to be made available. I asked them to call on.to driver line and request access. That was 10 mins ago so hopefully all good now.


With the proliferation of apps for this, that and the other, you’d think even the most dye in the wool Luddite would not be so shocked. A app that opens a car…fancy! :rofl:

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Just having a new kitchen fitted and guess what the ovens are wifi enabled and there is an app for that! :ok_hand:

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Well my trip to Wales and back to wakefield was a breeze, had to stop for a top up on way back at Wrexham ramada plaza hotel on a 50kw ccs charger with zero issues charging. Cracking little car


Just given her first full charge, not bad range, loving it so far :smiley:


I’ve just tried to charge my Zoe ZE50 on 3 different polar chargers and the CCS charger continues to fail and says its not picking up the vehicle. Doesn’t make it past the 2nd round of checks. Can anyone assist with this highly annoying problem.


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There isn’t a hack for it, I think you need to speak to ONTO and get it fixed or swapped.


As above, contact ONTO and make sure they understand it won’t charge on Polar.
If you need a charge to get somewhere, get them to cover your costs on another brand of charger network, it may well work on Ionity, instavolt etc.

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When I first had my ZE50 I had issues with CCS on Polar Ultrachargers. It’s worked fine for the last two months.

Try supporting the cable just above the plug as sometimes weight can cause contact issues. This is especially the case with Ultrachargers as the cables are relatively short which means more strain on the plug in the socket.

Try other CCS chargers to see if it’s a Polar or Zoe issue.

If all this fails, ask ONTO to give you another one. This is a fundamental fault in an EV, like not being able to open the fuel cap on an ICE.

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As others are suggesting you need to try a different charger to see if it is a Polar thing or if your car is just refusing to charge altogether. When I was having ZE50 Charge troubles I went around and tried loads of different makes and models of charger. You can see my post at the bottom of the thread I am going to link below. Try looking for one of the chargers that worked every time for me. If you can charge at them, blame Polar. If you can’t charge there, Ask ONTO to sort it out ASAP.

(Also make sure the car is completely turned off before you try to charge)

Take a look on Zap Map in your area, find a rapid charger (marked in pink) operated by Geniepoint, Engie, Instavolt, Engenie/Osprey, Fastned, Pod Point, Electric Blue or Ecotricity… Pretty much all of these network’s chargers are pretty reliable with the ZE50 in my testing. Just be sure to check comments from other users before you head there to make sure the charger itself has no known faults.

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I had this and the wee Z.E. above the charger port was flashing red . . .

Turns out the car needs a new Engine Control Unit . . . My car has been with Renault for 7 weeks. I have had a courtesy car, and you can re-claim the fuel up to a certain amount from OnTo so you should not be stranded

It may just be my local dealer though that has been crap rather than the whole of Renault. Hope yours gets fixed quickly than mine.

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Zoe took 22kWh onboard today, in only half an hour. So double the charge rate of AC. This was starting from a SoC of 9% and followed an hour of motorway driving. My initial issues with CCS seem to have disappeared, so well pleased with how much easier a larger battery and faster charging makes inter city journeys.


ZOE ZE50 press demo car thoughts and charging headache.

Thought some of you might like me to recount this story :grinning:

So I do the odd bit of driving and yesterday had a Ioniq PHEV to deliver to Southampton area, train back up to Waterloo and then another train back out to past Tunbridge Wells, middle of nowhere, to collect a ZE50 press demo car.

Got to the customer who had a Honda-e on charge alongside the ZE50.

Usually with press collections you can expect an ICE vehicle to be devoid of fuel and running on fumes, which makes getting to the nearest petrol station a challenge. They get supplied with a full tank of course.

I expect the same with EV’s but hopefully they have been thoughtful and left a full charge (which would be outstanding) or a good partial charge, but fully expect it to be near empty.

Since you get a heads up of the vehicle and location the night before with these jobs I did a quick bit of checking and Sevenoaks looked a good close by fast charger Genie Point at a BP garage. Only one charger, but seemed best bet and the Allstar fuel card means its contactless and should be quick. Other options in plan B mode was try other fast charger networks and avoid the run to motorway stations and battle with Ecotricity and other EV’s for charging bays.

So as part of car checks for return discover car has ~50miles range and ~24% charge or thereabouts.

I have a min of 150mile journey back to base.

Enter satnav details for garage and off we go.

Have to say was quite impressed with Zoe in terms of general comfort, road holding, suspension, ride comfort, steering feel and adjustment. Seat needs better adjustment and thigh and lumbar support, but basically quite good all round.

Some odd graunchy noises from brakes on last revolutions before ceased movement. Not very nice sounding, but car stops OK. Odd maybe a bit rusty, but then car has done some 2500 miles but maybe not moved since last rain.

Satnav is not speaking to me so miss a turning and discover audio is off also. Trying to navigate touchscreen settings to turn back on is not easy when driving/stopped in traffic, could be much better. A physical mute button works for me.

Slightly long winded to get to charger as schools just kicking out and some roadworks, but found it OK, nobody there and pulled straight in. Magic.

Jumped out of car round to front, unclip covers, get connected up via CCS and press buttons to start charge, swipe card and it says authenticating……. Pause……. Failed…. Contact support or try again.

Meanwhile car is locking and unlocking as I move from front to side of car to check things. Me thinking I have pressed buttons as key is in pocket of course.

Yep definitely parked up, car off, all good. Try again. Car unlocked yes, good.

So to and fro and still going round in a loop. The car unlocking/locking is a pain, so I just leave drivers door ajar.

Call support, nice support lady says yes all working but its not visible or the like. Hard to hear as noisy traffic just all going by at that time. Check card is good for this service, yes. Maybe needs a reboot, garage are very good and will do this for you. OK, just go in and ask.

So in I go, garage shop empty, but guy appears, so yes, can do, rummages around in draw for ages, keys here there everywhere. Finally gets what is looking for and comes out. Thought he would open charger up, but no goes over to box near round other side of air/water parking slot and opens up elecy box and swings open hanging down cover door and flips power off to charger, waits a wee while and turns on again. Should be all up in a minute and goes back into garage.

Soon after all seems up and running so try again, same issue, round in a loop.

Call the office to double check these are supported via allstar card, yes no problem and since crd worked early in day for fuel, no reason to doubt its OK. Part of call was to give the charger time to maybe reconnect with HQ and do whatever it needs, but this is the bit I am unsure of, does it do local authentication or is all back at HQ, so comms/internet connectivity? Who knows, anyway still go round in a loop and fails to authenticate.

So start looking at other options one of which is go to Instavolt as I know they are good and easy to use as all contactless payment and can see some at various Bannatyne clubs which are min 2 off chargers. Whilst doing this notice the work phone has a genie app on it so investigate and discover I can use a guest and just add payment card details and try this. Well I like a challenge and having wasted time already seems I should test all other options before moving on.

So go through screens and get to local charger and says all 3 cables are available, but cant get it to work. Try again and then it says only Type 2 available, but I have CCS connected???

Anyway, why is it connectors get locked in when its all un locked and you spent time faffing about getting cables connected and unconnected.

I try Type2 and it fails at final hurdle, same with CCS.

Now spent about an hour going through this so time to head off.

Get out onto motorway, have ~40miles range and 32miles to get to charger in Weybridge as that’s the closest to route home.

So it’s been fairly bright and windy most of the latter part of the day, although clouded over while faffing about at BP garage. Last coupe of miles of journey on mway and sun pops out blindingly so pull visor down. Took a few double takes to register, but blow me down here is a Polar Plus card stuck on the visor. (Apparently a press car gets one, which I wasn’t aware of.) Darn could have looked at other fast charge options which might have worked better, but too late now. When I say stuck it took some effort later to remove it J Don’t think it had been used recently if at all.

Getting close to Bannatyne Weybridge and miss a turning as no sound again. Do a U tun and discover satnav is trying to take me down a gated road with security bars, doh. Out with phone again to see where it is. OK other side of the green area, so just follow my instincts and now car tells me battery is low and do I need to find a charger Think it was ~6% and ~8miles. I ignore of course and find it myself. Down what looks like a farm track too, sharp turn in and yes can see Instavolts.

Pull in and both free. Get connected, swipe card and charging at ~44kW so all good.

And since I am a Bannatyne member decide I should be able to get a well-earned coffee and a break, which I do.

Leave it a good while (didn’t record times) but when I came out a Nissan en200 was in the next slot charging. Once car said ~150miles and ~70% stopped charger and needed to get a photo of amount of spend with work phone. It was an older style ticker tape display with not much width, so phone ready card in other hand swipe, watch display press button and oh darn its self switched to video mode. Leave a couple of seconds so hope its caught it, switch to photo and display ends. What!

Beggars belief that chargers don’t copy what we know and love with petrol/diesel pumps.

They display the last fill forever till next person comes along to fill.

Newer Instavolts have an iPad type display so all info displayed at once, but again, doesn’t stay on screen for very long and the loop to get a VAT receipt has not been thoroughly thought out.

Should come up with do you need receipt, yes/no and then type in email address to automate. You have to email them and tell them info about time and place, how much etc. and a week later you get a VAT receipt.

So to add to all this my own iPhone went bonkers early in the day. Left with 100% charge and soon after noticed it say 35%, what! that normally takes a full day or more. Turned phone off and later when turned on again it say 50%. Silly. Turned off and later it said 1% and basically seemed to be loosing the plot, so only turned on and off when I needed something. I tried to charge it on the train but socket didn’t seem to work, tried other sockets in carriage asked guard and he said all good. Tried other carriages, he must have thought me odd kept re-appearing in different carriages throughout the journey. I decided it was either the cable or the charger itself and would need to resolve when home. Meanwhile the work phone charging cable didn’t work either, so I was nursing that along too. What is it with batteries today!

Left Weybridge about 18:30hrs, so dark and legged it back up the motorway and at a good 70 on cruise control, got back just before 20:00hrs with ~20% ~40miles or there abouts. I shan’t be winning any eco badges, but then I do have a 400bhp black cat to have fun with, but did enjoy the ZE50 even with the charging antics. Did like the auto headlight main beam, surprising for such a spec car. Shame it didn’t have SCC, but then most of those don’t work well on other cars. Anyway, why is Renault the wrong way round. All other cars have cruise buttons on the right of the steering wheel. Why can’t these things be common across all manufs.

And I have been typing all of this while trying to resolve my iPhone woes.

Happened to be a new iPhone update 14.1, so done backups, did the update, more backups, wiped phone and restored and maybe that will solve.

Apple charger was faulty, so need another one of those, cable was OK.

Morale of this story…

Well I can see why many drivers are reluctant to deliver/collect an EV when they are often faced with many hours extra faffing about and the sheer frustration of the charging infrastructure.

Those that have taken the plunge are still very much a minority and a lot still needs to be done to get things much more fluid and efficient.


Today I had a totally opposite experience of a ZE50. Collected an Iconic from Derby, red one, basic spec, but it was fully charged and ready to fly. I had all manner of plans for charging nearby, which were not needed. Interestingly I choose CCS chargers to hunt out. Turns out most of the ZE50 demo fleet cars dont have the upgrade option, so I would have been using Type2 anyway.
Its odd too, as the non upgrade version port just looks like the CCS version, but the cover looks the same, just stuck in place!

And I discovered it had the very annoying tailgate squeak/rattle.
How does that slip by in the manuf process?
How did you people put up with that for weeks till it got fixed, not amusing for sure.
That spoilt the journey, but otherwise it was OK, if a little sparse on creature comforts, the seats especially.

Last collection of the day was a brand new fully loaded Merc GLE400 AMG with all the options, including a double cup holder which is heated/cooled… for goodness sake. Don’t thermos flasks exist anymore?

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Turn the radio up louder :rofl:

Not heard of any ONTO Zoes having been fixed yet.

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That reminds me of my first company car. Big ends failed whilst driving east along the M4.
I got off motorway and called assistance. Waited hours for replacement car to continue on journey. All my colleagues said exactly the same as you, turn the radio up louder and just carry on next time.

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