ZE50 50Kwh Charging

Hi, I have had my ZE50 GT line for a few days now and I’m struggling to find out if it has the ‘rapid charge’ option specified.

I have charged at 2x public chargers which support 50kwh charging but I have only received 22khw max.

On the Onto website for this vehicle it clearly states : 1. Rapid. These charge points are placed at key locations such as motorway services and have a 50kW capacity. They are ideal for long journeys and will charge your New ZOE with Z.E. 50 battery from 0-80% in 1h 10, or if you are only making a brief stop, just 30 minutes charging will get you an extra 90 miles of range

Not sure if i have made a newbie mistake ?

Appreciate any help


You use the CCS Connector for rapid charging, and the Type 2 AC Connection for up to 22kW charging. Are you using the correct connection? (There’s a flap you pull down below the type 2 port ro reveal the DC CCS Pins)

Every Onto ZE50 supports rapid charging.


The maximum speed depends on which connector you used:

The CCS connector (left) will always be permanently connected to the charger, the Zoe can charge ‘up-to’ 50kW on these connectors;

With the Type 2 connector (right), like the cable that came with your car, the Zoe can charge up to 22kW.


Ah okay, my fault ! Was using the type 2 AC connection.

Appreciate the help.


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Take a look at a few other recent threads about the ZE50 On the forums here. There are unfortunately a few issues with this car and some rapid chargers so sometimes you may need to rely on falling back on 22kW AC to top up to get to the next charger at the moment.

Hopefully the cause is found and a fix can be rolled out in the not too distant future.

(Note that to get close to 50kW charging too, you need to plug in with a fairly low battery charge level. The higher the charge level, the slower the charging speed. After about 60% or so you’ll start to drop down even on CCS and will get closer to the 22kW speeds you were previously getting)

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