Zap-Pay the new all in 1 service!

This finally looks like it could actually be a great solution to bring all charging providers that actually take a fee to use 1 service instead of having several accounts and several apps / RFID cards. I really do hope this works because it would be so much better to have 1 account for everyone. Hopefully plenty of providers actually come on board when it fully launches.

But there’s one big problem here - It’s still an app.

Apps aren’t the solution. RFID Cards that can be accepted across all networks, or direct credit card payment are the only two real solutions to the charger access problems.

Reading from the new t&c’s looks like there will be an RFID card that links directly also, so as long as enough providers sign up it should be universal with 1 app and 1 linked RFID card for all provides that support it anyway. Just doesn’t state which providers yet

I’m sure I read a list yesterday and it didn’t look too impressive! I’ll see if I can find it again and post back if I do.

My problem is the Chargepoint app has existed for a long time and has served a similar purpose to Zap Map, showing the location of various network’s chargers and viewing recent check-ins. And that also lets you pay for not only Chargepoint network chargers like Instavolt for example, but also other networks like Ionity. They took on a few networks and then just stopped making any further progress. If they already tried and failed to do anything significant, I have little hope for Zap Map either.

I’ll look again about the RFID option. I must have missed that earlier.

Engenie only at launch. ESB, LiFe and Hubsta to follow. Thats all.

Well that is a tad rubbish but something more universal than dozens of RFID cards and apps is needed. I went to Liverpool yesterday and found myself needing to register for yet another new app and account.