Yet Another Swap Question

Thinking about having a go in something else (I know it’s unlikely I’ll get a Kona again but Mrs Janso would like to try riding in something different) and just curious if there’s anything that determines the delivery time at all.

I live about 25 minutes from the Sandtoft site Onto’s partner deliver from and was looking at perhaps booking a swap on 19th December as I’m off then but we’re going away for a few days in the afternoon, so would be an ideal time to test dumping all of our crap in the car and seeing how it copes space wise.

I got my current car at about 10am way back when, and I know arrangements can’t be made for specific times, but just curious if living close to a depot gives you any advantage in getting an early delivery or if it’s just random?

It’s totally random. I’ve had deliveries and collections at all hours of the day.

You may not be getting the car from Sandtoft either. Especially if you get assigned one brand new there’s a chance it could be coming from BCA instead. For your region that’s likely over in Manchester. And since it’s a swap specifically that would mean a Gefco driver travelling from the depot to Manchester, picking up the car, driving it to you, then taking your current car to Sandtoft.

If you book a swap for that day. Don’t plan anything else. Not even late into the evening if at all possible. Delays can and do happen.


Sadly had a feeling this was going to be the answer. :joy:

Although to be fair, we’re only going to be an hour or so down the road, so I could always nip home if I knew when they were coming.

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The last 2 swaps I have done have been from Sandtoft, and I only live in Barnsley, and we are always the last run of the day, for the driver… as its means the driver gets home that day…


Just a thought, have you considered buying the kona from ONTO? Past two cars I had from ONTO both were sold immediately after I returned them. Kona was a 21 plate and ioniq was a 71 plate. I always regret not following up about the kona as I would have bought it off them immediately.


I have to be honest, and probably will give it some serious thought when the time to say goodbye really does arrive. I do love it, but at the same time something that could charge faster - and without vanishing range, Mr Stellantis - would be great. Doesn’t bother me but the people I ferry about with me aren’t always happy to sit for an hour charging to 80%, especially when we’re still several hours from home on a Saturday evening. :joy:


I suppose, it’s just that for that price range you will not get a better car than the Kona which is readily available. If we didn’t have such massive lead times then yeah not so much to worry about. So one thing I used to do was keep a load of movies and series on a memory stick and plug that in while charging. That’s our charging collection. We do that on our ZS as well. Charges a bit faster than the kona at a peak of 100kw but still bigger battery so ends up taking similar times


@Janso another option to consider is using the Hyundai Mocean subscription service. Doesn’t including charging, but otherwise similar options with 3 months min term.
There are usually Kona’s available as now.


Just no kona ultimate with all the toys only the kona premium


They do get Premium SE’s and ultimates in sometimes too.

It’s worth noting the Premium trim they currently have in stock is a 2020 Pre-facelift model being re-circulated in the fleet.

If you are coming from a facelift model it will feel a bit dated. And if coming from a Premium SE You’ll be missing the head-up display, ventilated seats, heated rear seats, leather seats and front parking sensors. If it’s an Ultimate you’re coming from you’ll lose the above plus full HDA, a sunroof and windescreen infotainment system.


An ultimate spec is showing today…
In fact 2 as 2 colours available, Ioniq 5


Out of interest I asked some questions of the Mocean service and got these answers…

Our participating dealerships are -
Endeavour Hyundai North London
Endeavour Hyundai Watford
Endeavour Hyundai Stratford
Ancaster Welling
Ancaster Croydon
Ancaster Bluewater
Ken Brown Richmond

Your closest Hyundai dealership who is with Mocean is Endeavour Hyundai Watford.
We offer a delivery or collection option, Delivery is £50 for the first 50 miles. £1 per mile for anything after that.

The used ones have the tech pack. The IONIQ 5’s we currently have on order will not be in until early 2023 and these will not have the tech pack OR eco pack included.