WTF, delivered a car with 14 faults and told wait 3 weeks for repair


I am getting fed up with your customer service , I was delivered a car on Monday, drove it on Tuesday (30 miles) only to discover it would not charge to allow me to get home, I called RAC and they told me there are > 14 faults !!! and the car must go to the garage for repair. Having spent hours on driveline I was told the car can go to the garage in 19 days at the soonest YOU MUST BE JOKING!!! I only got ‘onto’ as you could deliver quickly and I needed a car in a rush , I would tell you that in person if I could get through to the main office without the line dropping (after 40 mins of bad music). This is not acceptable, I need a replacement !!!

(update) wow, got past the 45 mins on hold before cut off, maybe someone will answer this week!

@cnorman2 Sorry to hear you are having issues with your car. I’ll flag to our maintenance team and see what we can do to get this resolved for you.

I was told the soonest appointment near me is the 20th Will you be able to improve on this, if not can I get a replacement. Also, who do I talk to to get a refund for the time from initial hire as I was delivered a faulty car. I am trying to talk to head office but so far have been on hold for 1 hour 30 mins I don’t believe this is going to get answered…

@cnorman2 I’ve asked one of the team to take a look and see what we can get sorted out. We can definitely get something sorted out before then.

Generally in a situation like this, you will be reimbursed for any reasonable alternative transport costs you have to pay out.

Where faults are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, they should organise the collection of an immobile vehicle and leave you a courtesy vehicle while they sort out the problem at the nearest dealership.

Also, if your vehicle is likely to be out of action for more than 7 days, ONTO will give you a replacement vehicle.

Great, so if the earliest dealer appointment is in 19 days and the car IS out of action (I can’t charge it) how do I get the replacement and how quickly can that happen ?

also do I communicate here, head office has been on hold for 2 hours :frowning:

This is a community forum for subscribers such as yourself. Some ONTO staff members do visit and will take up issues that they come across as @Adam_at_Onto has done in your case. It doesn’t though replace Customer Service accessed through phone/web chat/ email.

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but as you can see I have been on hold for over 2 hours today, nobody answers!! @Adam_at_Onto can you email me so I can use a more formal route please ?

It’s not a Renault is it? If so, it might work on another charger - Renaults are known to be very “Picky” when it comes to chargers.

yes it is but we tried 3 different chargers and then called RAC who tested the car and told us it was faulty (14 errors) so its not that unfortunately

hi @cnorman2 I just checked in with the maintenance team and they are working on swapping out your wife’s car. Samia will be in touch soon to advise on the details.