Wrong dates showing in delivery dates

Hi, I’m looking at booking a car.

However I’ve noticed the dates are all wrong for example it states the 5th is a Thursday when it’s actually a Monday

I know delivery can be really hit and miss and as I’ll be taking time off work to accept delivery need to make sure the right date will be booked. If I go for “Thursday the 5th” (next month) does it actually mean Monday the 5th lol. Cheers

hmm best to ring the office to check. I had a look, the dates are coming up okay for me, the 5th is a Thursday for August deliveries.
Also take a look at the other threads with the delivery days/times. Onto is working on the delivery blips, and are trying to improve things with the third party delivery company.

Hi @matt6950 - I’ve had a look through all the upcoming dates and I can’t seem to see any issues. If you do think there’s an issue, can you send me a screenshot here or via DM and we can check it out further.


Think I was just having a blonde moment and forgetting it’s not August next month :joy:


where do u find delivery dates?


Once signed in and picked your car of choice you tell the booking system your postcode and it will tell you what dates are available for that model in your area.

ok, but that is a rolling schedule of ‘new’ dates, not an update on a placed order due date (important in light of current Gefco problems) - hoping they can keep within 48 hrs of due date as holiday booked shortly after that

Your delivery date is the date you chose when you booked the car. It will not be updated. If there is a problem with the car or the delivery of it you will only find out on the day of delivery, but hopefully it’s going to go smooth for you!


Your delivery date shows on your hire agreement

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thx guys - should i download Onto App to PC & Android Mobi a few days before del date (20/07)

I’ve had the app since the day I signed up - can’t do anything with it but it’s there ready - I’ve also downloaded all the charging apps, ZapMap, ABRP, the VW app, Tronity & anything else I’ve seen named in the forum somewhere😂 - will delete once I know which ones I won’t really need/use anymore

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