Wow, that's an interesting stat!

Well, I had a phone call from the dealer about my existing order for a new Kona, they’ve had a cancellation and have offered the vehicle to me, saving me 5 months of waiting, downside, it’s white.

I’ve snapped their hands off, and have arranged collection of my vehicle next month before renewal. On the cancellation screens, it gave me this impressive stat (I know the rewards is wrong, but the rest is interesting - possibly from Evezy days)


Congratulations on your purchase! White isn’t that bad :wink:

Amazing stats! I thought I was insane when I saw roughly 16k in just over a year. Which I’m sure was still missing some miles when ONTO hardware didn’t record properly.

Is it the kona ultimate you are getting or premium?

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I went for the Premium in the end, it was available sooner and the HUD / Sunroof didn’t really seem worth the extra cost.

The only reason I was a bit ‘meh’ with white is that I don’t clean my car every day and I think white will show up every bit of dirt.


Does the premium still have HDA? I’ve missed that since giving the Kona back.

Isn’t it the old Premium SE that has the Ultimate spec, less the sun roof and heads up? Won’t the Premuim have the same spec as the Onto Ioniq?

Depends when it was built. Pre-June orders have HDA on Ultimate only. Anything ordered after that date will be missing it altogether regardless of trim level. You still get smart cruise control with lane follow assist even on a Premium however. The majority of the features remain, just no auto speed changes, no traffic jam assist etc.

Nope. The Ioniq and Kona specifications are different. The Kona offers more as standard, and has extra luxuries that can be added on. The Ioniq was a more budget offering prior to discontinuation.


Honestly, I had the white one all through winter and spring. It would get dirty but not as much. I felt it was better to keep dust off it in comparison to darker colours. Darker colours tend to show dust much more than white.

Premium is good too, I was a massive fan of the sunroof which was one of the major reasons why I went for the MG ZS EV, its got a massive panoramic sunroof.

How do you see those stats

When you return your car not swap, finally return it.

Elmo show you on their website.

Also shows you daily/monthly stats too.

(Definitely don’t speed, just FYI - they had issues with the telematics being too harsh at the beginning, honest).


Would be nice if OntO did something like this, as I love analytics and been able to see them…


To be honest I’d just be happy if they could just get my mileage consumption correct…


Shots fired 🫠

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