Would subscription be worth it

Since I am working from home and the current lockdown I would do very little miles. Would it still be worth it?

How many miles would you say was the sweet spot to make this worth it?

It would be completely down to you to decide that. The best value for money is using the full 1000 miles basic allowance every month obviously. The less you use it, the less sense it makes to keep it.

Look at your options. Do you need to go out much if at all? If you do need to go out, how much would you be spending on your current car or current alternative means like in a taxi, or public transport (if you are comfortable using that in the current situation) for example.

Only you can really decide if it is worthwhile to have a car now or if it is best to wait, but if it was me I would probably advise while not using it much it probably makes sense to go cheap. Get a ZE40 Zoe if the smaller battery and top charge speed of 22kW is suitable for you. Don’t waste too much money now since you can always swap your car at any time when you decide you want to upgrade or start to drive more again.

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Without fully knowing your situation, it’s difficult to say. If you’re doing so few miles, would it be cheaper to get a taxi when you need to travel? What’s public transport like in your area? Could you make some journeys by foot or bicycle?

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It also depends what your alternative is. If you need a car anyway then whether you own it lease it or PCP it then you still have the same situation that the less miles you do the less value you are getting. The only potentially better alternative would be to switch to a lease and insurance with a very limited mileage like 3000 miles per year.

I have been looking into buying a used I3 instead of getting one from ONTO but I only save money if I go for a much older and smaller battery version.

Be VERY careful if you do go down that route. Make sure you get one with a warranty as the earlier i3’s aren’t as reliable as the ones today. And when things do go wrong the repair bills can be painfully expensive. The oldest I would personally consider would be the later 94Ah models. Ignore the early pre-LCI ones, and forget about the 60’s altogether, especially if paired with the REX.

ONTO Is almost definitely safer especially with a car like that. If you were looking to swap to a different EV from other manufacturers though you may have been able to save a little more money while still being confident about taking on the risks and responsibilities associated with ownership.

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For me, lockdown is why I got the car, so we can get out of the city and walk in the hills or along the beach.

So for us, totally worth it, but think we will be keeping a car even if this all ends. Its been fab even if we use a few too many drive throughs.


Currently just have a bicycle but due the winter it isn’t great cycling in windy conditions since its winter, and can make it unsafe sometimes also.
Longest journey at moment is to see parents as they’re in my support bubble which is 20 mile round trip.

Also my last car I owned, I did average 277 miles per month

277 miles per month average and no more than 20 miles round trips sounds easily possible for a Renault Zoe ZE40 without much charging, so you could at least get the cheapest car during lockdown as suggested above, should you decide to go for it. That’s £339/Month. It’s just a question of if that number sounds reasonable for you at this time. Worst case scenario - You try and decide it’s not worth it, you can hand it back or swap after only a month.

They aren’t the fanciest cars, but it’s definitely better than being cold and wet riding a bike in bad weather!


The car I was thinking was the ze50 ÂŁ389/month as it had rapid charge

The ZE50 Has some issues at the moment. If you are unlucky you could end up having to take it in to the dealer for work to fix things like a creaky boot issue, leaky door seals, or problems with the Renault app to do things like pre-heat the car remotely.

Especially if you aren’t wanting to go for the higher spec GT Line it may be worth still saving money and getting the ZE40 for the time being to let these issues get fixed. Like I said you can swap to another car if you aren’t happy, but it is generally the better option in my opinion, unless you’re planning on regularly doing trips of more than 100 miles straight away, otherwise I see little point in the slight range boost or DC Charging support.

The ZE40 Will do 22kW AC which means even if plugging in completely empty and charging to almost full would be about 2 hours, which probably isn’t going to be a regular thing. The ZE50 has rapid charge support, but in reality unless you’re plugging in along a long distance journey having heated up your battery nice and hot, and ran it right down to a low level you aren’t going to get any faster than the ZE40’s 22kW Charge speed anyways.

For usage like yours running about locally and likely just doing top-ups here and there, the charging differences won’t be noticeable at all… If you want to be able to charge especially fast you’d be better off going for a different car model like the Ionic, i3, or e-208 but they are all more expensive.


Thanks for the info so charging is about the same time.
Just lower range but should last a week.

Will you charge at home or use public charging ?

Public only as live in flats
Just checked and the ze40 isn’t available for my postcode

I have just checked and the only car’s available in my area below £500/month is the ze50 both versions

Might be worth mulling it over for a week or two and keep checking for cheaper options, or just go through the logic and numbers to help make your mind up. Think a number of people on forums would just try one for a month in the knowledge you can cancel and go your own way. Wet winter weather bike riding is dire for sure, but in the few fine bright sunny days, use the bike (and keep fit and healthy) and the bad days use a lovely EV. Trust that helps.

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Living in London, public transport would set me back £120 a month. So having a vehicle is a luxury. I’m treating myself to something not even man maths could justify!

You could get a Zoe Iconic for a month to try out. If you use a referral code, that’ll be £339. Also, try ringing up and seeing if they’ll do any introductory offer. You may get an extra £50 off as they’ve probably got plenty of Zoes looking for homes at the moment.

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Don’t worry, I have been spoiled as the 120 Ah I3 is the smallest battery car i have driven. It took 10 mins of test drive in a 94 Ah one to convince me it wouldn’t work for me. So my target is an up to 2 year old 120 Ah I3, which is what I have from ONTO already.