I’ve just been reading through reviews on trustpilot (after leaving a good review) and I came across someone saying they’d been charged for a chipped windscreen :flushed:

I’ve assumed it would be covered? Are they not covered?

Surely chipped windscreens and tyre punctures should be covered?

I had a puncture and had to pay for the repair. Evezy send out their own approved tyre repairer. You cannot take the vehicle to your local Kwik Fit, for instance. As my puncture happened after 6pm, it ended up costing me £130 for a repair.

The same would be true of windscreen damage.

The only thing covered by evezy is maintenance, servicing and fair wear and tear. Damage, how so ever caused (up to a maximum of £1000) is the responsibility of the subscriber. If caused by a third party who accepts liability and compensates evezy, then they would of course reimburse you.

I shall follow this with interest. My M3 has managed to crack its rear screen by overheating it with the demister element, seems to be an M3 thing from looking at the Tesla forums. So it is getting a new rear screen later this week arranged by Onto.

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That is neither damage nor wear and tear but a manufacturing fault. Tesla will not invoice ONTO. My evezy M3 had headlight failure and needed a new front loom. Took three weeks to repair. Got a MS loaner and went and did the North Coast 500 road trip!

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This is worrying. In the 15 years of driving I’ve always had windscreen cover and used it at least 3 times due to chips.
Surely it’s part of driving 1200miles a month and should be included in their policy.
As for punctures, I’ve never had one and hopefully never will.