Windscreen replacement charge

Came back to my car during the heatwave to find a 10 inch crack across my windscreen starting from under the seal in the corner

No impact Mark on screen so thinking it may have been something to do with excess heat

Onto very helpful, booking car into local site in the next couple of days

All changed with no issue. I specifically asked if any charge but told by both Onto and the garage that is all covered under the insurance which is normal when you own your car

Anyway, 6 days later I receive an invoice for £500

What is happening with Onto? They just seem to he on a money making frame of mind at the moment and becoming the Ryanair of car leasing

Is this charge is correct, as if it is, then after 2 years, I will be bringing my Onto journey to an end

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Pretty sure windscreen replacement is at the costs of the driver. Like tires are. Do you have excess insurance?

I don’t think Onto are on a money making scheme. I just think that policies are very wolly and ambiguous in places, and processes seems to be overly-complex to the point where people don’t even know how they work, so you will get different answers from different people.

There is work being done by some great new additions to Onto like @Adam_at_Onto for example, but there is clearly work to be done.

Kind of feels at times that Onto are still at startup phase and haven’t really prepared for the growth rate. A result of that is exactly things like this where you’ve been told something that’s just not accurate.


I read that it’s £1000 excess and £500 excess for glass.

My question is…
If you have the £350 excess bolt on does this also cover the glass?



It says they are covered

From All You Need To Know About Car Subscriptions - FAQs | Onto

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Perhaps in hindsight it should have been repaired by the main dealer under warranty. As this hasn’t happened, the question now is, should you foot the bill, or ONTO?

If you have car hire excess insurance, it may just be easier to claim the cost back from them.

@GaRic448 Sorry if there is some confusion around this. In our hire agreement page 3 point 7 and its subsequent sub points it covers our excess is £1000 unless you have the damage excess bolt on which means it would be reduced to £350.

There is more info reference glass repair here

I’ll have @Hena_at_Onto reach out to you in relation to what happened with the garage and your contact with Onto.

@clarkson63 If you have the damage excess bolt on then your liability for glass would be £350 (as per @mozzauk link to our FAQ for the damage excess bolt on FAQ).


Good to see windscreens are covered with Cazoo apart from £100 excess.


I would expect window repair and replacement to be included in an “All Inclusive” package, but Onto seem to be making everything chargeable these days hence why I think my journey with Onto is coming to an end

To keep the same mileage allowance as previous (£649 for ID.3 with 2 mileage bolt ons @£30) is now costing £799 for the same package. Unsustainable!!!

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Repairing damage to vehicles, however sustained, has always been at the subscriber’s expense.

The only exception is where a third party who is responsible for the damage pays for the repair. In that case the subscriber is reimbursed.

The unfortunate aspect to your case is that there could have been the possibility of getting a new screen under warranty. I would say that a screen that cracks on its own was either not fitted correctly, or had a manufacturing defect.


I absolutely agree, which is why when I first called this in, I was clear of how it happened, but Onto put me at ease that it was not a problem and that they would sort it out quickly, which they did

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@GaRic448 I’ll follow up on who you spoke with but as mentioned above, damage on hire is always chargeable (and always has been). We haven’t changed our business rules around chargeable damage so not sure why there is a perception that something has changed.

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Wind screen excess does seem a tad on the high side , as most normal insurance policies would charge a small fee ( not even the excess ) under the event a wind screen gets cracked however the damaged happened.

I know there are different policy’s in place and ONTO operate under a type of hire insurance that covers there vehicles.

But still seems some what pricey to charge the £1000 excess when it’s never going to cost this much.

Ultimately people need to take out “IC4H” and it covers this .

Have you ever hired from any of the big hire companies, and not taken out Excess Reduction, as an example Enterprise will charge you between £1000, and £1750

They dont exclude windscreens or tyres, to cover them you have to take out an additional product…

Hertz charge £60 + for a weeks Windscreen cover (and then add on SuperCover), if not its a £1000 deductible.

People need to remember OntO isnt a lease, its a form of car hire… and remember that windscreen and tyre cover on a normal policy is included in the price you pay to the insurer…


Adam, I think you are missing the point

This doesn’t appear to be " Damage" but possible a defection in the windscreen. I explained when I called it in that there was no chip previous and that it cracked when I wasn’t even in the car

The crack started from under the rubber seal and no impact mark and also happened on the hottest day of the year

Onto should have pursued this under a possible warranty issue but instead I am now being asked to pay £500

This is just of other incidents where you allocated the reduced mileage when I swapped my car in March and despite contacting onto several times you couldn’t seem to resolve it and then tried charging me over £400 until I refused and appealed and you made a hash job of fixing it

My Onto journey seems to just be a constant battle of fighting unjustified invoices

As above this is not ‘damage’, as described above, it is a warranty issue as the windscreen has failed due to either poor workmanship, incorrect installation etc. and should not happen even at 40degC as they are tested in far higher temperatures.

There are various manufacturers who seem to have windscreens that are failing for no reason, either cracking or delaminating and showing snowflake like patterns in the glass. Plenty of these issues being reported on various Forums.

Whatever car/manuf this is should really be covering the costs, not the subscriber in this case.


@GaRic448 sorry for the delay I’ve been working on implementation of our new CS system.

Ref windscreen, I’ll get @Hena_at_Onto to check with our maintenance team. If you have pictures you can DM her ref the windscreen that would be helpful.

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Hi @GaRic448, we can have our team look into this for you. Our maintenance team have requested any images you have of the windscreen, so if you could get that emailed or sent through a DM, I would be happy to pass this on. I’ve sent an email just now which you can reply to with the image too.

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So I’m not the only one that had this on an ID3! I’ve had my windscreen replaced and await a bill. Was the damage on the passenger side too?

Quite a few Teslas had this issue - turned out it was misaligned and the stress caused a crack.

Problem is, ONTO have replaced the screens through their supplier (Autoglass etc.?), but if there was no damage or impact mark, such claim should’ve been made through the manufacturer for them to investigate and rectify.

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No, it started from under the seal on the drivers side

Been researching this issue, and it appears to be a widely known issue with the ID.3

I don’t think it is fair that Onto chose not to investigate and instead told me it isn’t an issue and that they would get is sorted straight away, which they did to their credit, but now I receive a bill for £500 for an issue that appears to be a maintenance issue