Win a free month of your subscription with our #LoveMyEV Instagram competition!

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to show some love!

We know that many of you have found electric car love since making the switch, enjoying all the benefits and flexibility of the Onto experience so we want to hear all about those great EV feelings.

Our #LoveMyEV competition will give one lucky winner a free month of their Onto subscription, plus five runners-up will receive £100 off their next month!

The rules for entering are pretty simple,

  1. Post a photo of you and your EV on your Instagram account and describe what you love about your electric car and being with Onto
  2. Tag us @driveonto and add #LoveMyEV
  3. Be sure to follow us if you don’t already!

We’ll be announcing the winners on Valentine’s Day so get your entries in by 10am on the 14th Feb, so keep an eye on our Instagram page!

Time to get creative and spread the EV love!


An anouncement about the addition of something like a polestar 2, Kia ev6, Hyundai ioniq 5, Skoda enyaq, Mercedes eqa in an affordable variant to the fleet would be preferable to a half baked competition or should I say exercise in using your customers for free advertising…


Thanks for the feedback, totally understand you’re keen to see more cars added to the fleet. We’re working hard to bring you some good news in the near future!

I’m sorry you feel this way, we haven’t intended for this to come across like that! The competition is about having fun, getting creative, and sharing positive EV experiences for Valentine’s day.

I believe people are less annoyed about there being a competition, but about it being hyped up as “something big” or “exciting” for a while prior to be presented with just another social media publicity competition.

Nobody is under any illusion that this kind of campaign is anything other than purely for advertisement, but getting peoples hopes up for a new car or feature and it turning out to be this is kind of a slap in the face for many people, especially as I (and I assume many others) either don’t use Instagram or have an account.


We could have done the creative ev fun loving thing on here (the onto community forum), because evs are awesome and I love driving mine every time but the whole hashtagging thing on instagram shows you’re trying to drum up free advertising from your customers and the prize is not even exciting. The big green Audi etron prize is exciting.

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I think it is this little bit on the email

It didn’t sound like a competition, it actually sounds like a treat for your loyal customers, especially when it says “something for you”



But HEY! I’m off to drive my EV, I still like Onto, so I don’t care! :man_shrugging:t2:


Thanks for sharing your views, we totally understand where you’re coming from and realise not everyone has Instagram.

If you or anyone else here would like to get involved in the competition then please do so in this thread and we will include your entry.


Totally understand and appreciate your point of view here. We love how passionate our community are about their EVs and want you all to be involved. Should you wish to take part, you can do so here and we will include your entry, just post a picture of you with your EV and what you love about it!

We love EV’s, ONTO, this Community and Krispy Krems👴


Definitely do love our EVs. That’s why we go out of our way for meetups, drive close to 60 miles so we can chat with like minded people. Also the KK is a super addition :sweat_smile:


Nice to see some ONTO faces, wish we had managed to make a South Yorkshire meet work that @mozzauk tried to arrange, timing was bad for me.

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I heart my ev, I love the instant torque response, the nearly silent calm drive, the whirring of the motor, the regenerative breaking, the death drone noise the car emits at low speed, the lack of dirty emissions and hopefully cleaner air, and not having to fill up with dirty diesel(yes I know that no car is totally earth friendly.)

I would struggle to go back to asking for ICE. <3


Awesome responses Lily, are you going to post a pic on here with your ev too?


So just heard on the Radio from ONTOs CFO, they confirmed that they will be releasing 2 new models from one manufacturer in Q1 of 2022. Wonder what brand this would be. :thinking:


That’s awesome news, irritating that they’re still keeping it under wraps though when everything must be signed and sealed



What are we going to guess!??

(MG - ZS & 5?)


Might not be, though…

…but they still have to do some marketing by any means even broad expectations by CFOs…

That’s what I was thinking unless they release two battery sizes of the same car like the enyaq iv80 and iv60.

The new Kia e niro and Kia ev6 could also be a very outside contender.

I have a slight feeling it will be the likes of the MG. Just because they can pull more customers with a lower price of MG?

Also, I think we should move this discussion to another thread. This thread is supposed to be for the competition.