Will the mileage ever work

Did you open the app and download the digital key prior to the car being given to you? That is what officially starts the booking, and if you did that during the delivery then it would explain why it added extra miles on.

Alternatively, it may be that the entire delivery was charged to your account and there were already some miles on the car to start with. There will be some when the car is delivered from Renault to Onto. More when Onto are using the car to install their equipment, and then further miles added taking the car from Onto to the delivery depots around the country. It sounds perfectly possible to me that this would explain the problem.

EDIT: @Tomahawx beat me to it!


Yours was more comprehensive though as usual. Haha

Thanks for the info @Koda and @Tomahawx
I didn’t download the key until the car had arrived but I did log into my app and click car location before it arrived as the Gefco tracking wasn’t moving so perhaps this triggered it. I think mileage from depot to my door was approximately 170 miles so this would make sense. Good to keep in mind for future deliveries :slightly_smiling_face:

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