Will the mileage ever work

Mine has always been late to start and add up I am always worrying about going over so I end but the extra 750 miles …

So you think it’s time for onto to do a unlimited package?

People are surely not going drive that much more I stage 1750 maybe more a month if I wanna have a day out.

I think it’s hard too tell for me as I’m always losing track

It should be pretty reasonable to ask for the mileage on the odometer on delivery you’d think?

Surely this would be recorded by the delivery driver as a backup to the dash cam (or so you’d assume).

Otherwise you’ve got to either use the trip meter (probably not the best if it is used for actual trips or range recording) or jot it down in your phone’s notes app- it’s not a number that changes and it’s also easy to do the calculations (1,000 a month) by looking at the odometer?

Given the prices of the mileage addons, and the likely impact to the end of ownership price (that Onto will recover on selling the car) I’d be very surprised if unlimited were offered. It’d be pretty easy to abuse and coupled with free charging would cost too much to maintain I would think.

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All car leases, PCPs or vehicle rentals will have a maximum number of miles chosen or fixed at the onset. Even if it’s your own car, you have to declare your mileage to your insurance company. So managing mileage in some shape or form is part of using a vehicle.

I think most prefer to pay for their actual mileage, rather than a higher or unlimited amount that they may never use.

These unlimited or eat all you can packages are usually cross subsidised by those who don’t or can’t take full advantage. Ultimately someone has to pay.


Oh don’t get me wrong …I know all that about millage and the cars get resold after so many miles or etc and it avoids some taxes but I just wanna know where I am, I have enough stuff to worry about without counting miles

Like my app now says I’ve used 0 miles and have 1750 left, and it will start working maybe next week?

You’re right. I know what the mileage was when the car was delivered. But towards the end of the month it’s a bit annoying that I have to do the math each time to work out if I have enough miles left to go on a certain trip. There’s clearly something wrong in my car or account. I’ve emailed onto as per Carole’s request following my own recent post about this.

Yeah I always email and then a week later get emailed to say it’s fixed and then next month same problem …and I’ve just lost tracked so…I just pay whatever they tell me too, just a little stupid but 21p a mile is the same cost as most company’s like enterprise and zipcar who have mile plans

I’ve no issues with my mileage and the app.

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I think it’s just the Hyundai cars which had to be fitted with different dash cams due to availability issues. They don’t seem to be feeding back the data correctly for whatever reason.

Can somebody who has had a Hyundai vehicle for more than a month clarify what happened in their case? Did the numbers match up correctly at the end of the month? Did you end up getting the delivery mileage taken out of your allowance?

I finally managed to get booked into an Ioniq but now getting a little concerned about the potential of mileage numbers being inaccurate or being charged the deivery miles. I have a busy month coming up and expect even with a mileage package added on I am going to be really pushing my allowance so am a little concerned about this the more I think about it.

Yes I spoke to onto and they acknowledge that fall and said I wouldn’t be charged for any over mileage which they kept there word.

I don’t mind going over or buying the packages …I just wanna know what I’m using that’s all and pay my way, not keep getting let off because of fault’s.

But don’t be concerned onto are very good when things go wrong.

( My experiences)


Just to update this, I have just been talking to George who has informed me that there is now a software update that fixes this being pushed out. They are monitoring it now but if something doesn’t seem to match up in future to let them know and they will both look into it and ensure that we aren’t charged incorrectly.


Will be interesting to see when this will update. My app shows 2000 miles to use. I have probably done around 800 so far in 6 weeks.

@Koda I was just drawing @LukemEV‘s attention to the amount of miles I have to make him jealous :wink:

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I was hahaha

Mile sharing soon ?

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I am wondering the same, It’s all good doing “By the mile” billing, but there needs to be a way to track it. On mine (under investigation by Tech) - It stops and starts and stops working again.

I just keep adding the 750 miles and hope for the best :wink:

As someone with Autism it is extremely annoying to see the wrong information, but the numbers shown on my app, in my account and on the car don’t add up and it drives me mad!

I’ve just had a look at my mileage today and my ONTO app states that I’ve driven 100 miles more than I actually have. I assume it will all sync and even out by the end of the month.

It’s unusual (for me at least) for it to be over, more likely to be under as it hasn’t caught up. Have the delivery miles been taken from your allocation?

There was 180 miles on the clock when it arrived so I don’t think it’s that, unless part of the delivery miles have been counted in. I’ll keep an eye on it and give ONTO a ring if it doesn’t correct itself in a couple of days :slightly_smiling_face:

It may depend on when you clicked to get your key in the app. If you did this part way through the delivery drivers journey, some of the miles may be taken from your subscription?