Will I be charged for the tyre puncture!


The tyre got a puncture and losing tyre pressure. Called onto CS and booked me an appointment to the nearest garage to replace the tyre. I asked the CS that will I need to pay. He said the invoice will go to onto and I don’t need to pay.

But will onto charge me for the tyre replacement?

Please can someone who has experience on this to give me an advice.



Punctures aren’t covered by Onto, so you’d be liable for the cost of it. Generally the company will bill Onto for the work, and then Onto bill you for it (and don’t add extra).

It’s here in the T&Cs - Onto - Terms & Conditions


@steveyy Hey, Dan here

unfortunately, punctures aren’t covered as part of your subscription. The only time we would cover tyre costs would be if they needed replacing due to reaching the legal tread depth as a result of fair wear and tear.

as @seabass mentioned, we only charge you what we’re charged with no mark up so you’ll only pay for the cost of the repair or replacement.


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Is it fair/ right that the customer pays the full tyre replacement cost. If the tyre is say 50% or more worn, shouldn’t there be a discount on the cost?

It’s only like you leased or owned the car. Seems fair to me. The only time it happened to me I4CH paid me back straight away

If the tyre is repairable, then it would just be that cost, otherwise it has to be a new tyre.
At the end of the day everyone relies on what is a small patch of ‘rubber’ in contact with the road which gives you the grip/handling/safety to drive and be safe.
It’s better to be safe than sorry.
The contact area is pretty much the size of a blokes foot :foot: on each corner of what is a weighty vehicle due to the traction battery.