Why no Cupra Born!?

Hi, I’m not sure if this car used to be on offer from Onto, but being probably one of the best electric hatchbacks in terms of range and acceleration, I find it very strange that it’s not available now. Can you offer the Born please?


With some exceptions, ONTO would probably like to offer every EV on the market!

If they don’t have a particular model on the fleet, it’s usually for one or more of the following reasons:

(1) Manufacturer won’t supply to fleets
(2)Manufacturer can’t supply sufficient stock with ongoing availability
(3)Manufacturer can’t/won’t supply at a price that makes it viable for ONTO
(4) ONTO don’t think the range is sufficient
(5) ONTO don’t believe the build quality is good enough

For the Cupra, I would say it’s one or more of the first three.


It’s basically a rebadged VW id3 just sportier looking and into already offer 2 diff id3 spec and as price is pretty similar it probably doesn’t make much sense to have it on the fleet

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Yep, except it’s nicer looking, faster & has a better infotainment system - pretty good reasons to go with it rather than than the ID3 I think!

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VAG are struggling to provide cars to anyone and have put Fleets at the back of the queue, so if OntO were to get some they would be at the very back of the queue so probably delivery on 2025 lol

Well, by coincidence I test drove a Cupra today (from Griddy in Norwich)

It’s doing it a slight disservice to suggest it is “only” a rebadged ID.3.

I have also heard the phrase “what the ID.3 should have been in the first place” on a number of occasions.

Anyway, I chose to test this first before going onto an MG4…. assuming I’d pretty much dislike the former and love the latter.

:man_shrugging: I was wrong on both counts! And also compared to the Megane, the Cupra was very quiet - both wind noise and tyre noise was damped well - and generally a very capable and confidence inspiring car.

The only thing, I cannot seem to be comfortable on lower back seated in either ID.3 or Cupra… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If On.to did get them, I might try one for a month… :thinking:

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Stock only just coming through…. (source: Gridserve Charlie)


So, On.to are going to get them, it’s just taking a while for them to come through?

No. If that was in response to my answer. Manufacturer is only just delivering any cars, and some variants not yet, into UK. That’s despite them supposedly being available months ago. But that’s from a different lease Co. So “even IF” On.to wanted them on the books, there’s no supply anyway… :man_shrugging:….(as opposed to any “knowledge” about On.to)

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