Why is it always me?

It seems to always be me :exploding_head:

No audio at all on the e208. Tried turning off and locking for 20 mins, no joy.

Any ideas? Thanks :blush:

Is it the same on all inputs - Not just DAB? Tried a factory reset of the infotainment system?

I don’t have one of these cars so can’t offer advice as to if its a known issue or if there are any easier fixes, but if a reset doesn’t get it working again I’m not sure what will.

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turn it off and turn it back on :slight_smile:

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Maybe there is a hidden mute feature that you have accidentally invoked?
Lots of modern cars seem to have multiple ways of doing the same thing, but you would hope that any one would override the others.
As others have said, turn off media, wait and then turn on again.
Maybe try turn off media, turn off car, wait, reboot car, then turn media on again.

Guess there must be a proper reboot/hard reset procedure, but not aware what that might be.

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Have you done the software update?


Tried that.

Did a factory reset, the unit didn’t reboot either. There’s no ‘power’ switch so couldn’t force a restart. It was all audio that had stopped

Nope, I think it was a fault with the head unit, because it kept boot looping Android Auto, then the sound went dead, reverse beeps and everything weren’t working (apart from the seat belt and indicator tones)

Yep, I did that as soon as the app told me to.

Fortunately its came back to life after a 2 hour park, so probably needed a good power down, 20 minutes mustn’t have been enough

Android Auto is working fine now, no bootloop :+1:


@Jack_of_all_trades has a good point, always good to be on the latest updates if available. Double edged sword of course, likely to fix some things and break others :wink: Does the update come with full info on what it fixes?


I’ve done the latest update (085D) and updated the Android Auto App

Fingers crossed it was a one off

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As part of the update process it doesn’t really give you any meaningful info.

What does the software update do? I saw the request but haven’t done it yet.