Which cars (brands) come fitted as standard with ‘All Season’ tyres?

I know the I-pace is fitted with ‘All Season’ tyres as standard along with all JLR brand cars, but what about other manufs in the U.K.?
Anybody know of any?
And flagging @Dan_at_Onto to comment on the Onto fleet if you can.

In case anyone is wondering why the question, it’s basically because cars are heavily promoted on all the safety and technical abilities, but these are meaningless when the tyres fitted are the default ‘summer’ tyres which only work well for 6 months of the year. Once temperatures go below 7degC they don’t grip and the best all year round solution is an ‘all season’ or ‘crossclimate’ tyre.

It’s the best all year round compromise as the ideal solution is to swap between summer and winter tyres for each 6 month season.
I used to do this for the last 15 years by having a spare set of alloys and swapping the wheels each season on the cars we owned. However tyre technology has moved on considerably and ‘all season’ tyres are much better and there is then no need to swap.

It’s high time all manufs led by example.


Interesting question.


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All Michelin Primacy tyres that come with most EV’s are Summer tyres and fitted as standard in the factory.
Spoke to my subscription company and they will consider changing them later this year ( no firm decision yet) as I live in Scotland.
So it looks like you will be at the mercy of your subscription company, I pointed out how would that affect my insurance if I skid and crash on ice?
The EV tyres explained by Michelin https://www.michelin.co.uk/auto/advice/ev-guide/electric-car-winter-tyres

It’s interesting as many manufs have the stance that it’s snow and ice related, but the reality is that it’s temperature related, anything below 7degC and they just don’t grip.
And temperatures below 7degC occur throughout the U.K. not just Scotland for 6months of the year. I used to swap from summer/winter tyres pretty much when the clocks change, but looking at the Met Office records the temps are below the magic 7degC from October through to May so it’s an 8 and 4 split.

Last 30 years of data… I chose the middle of the country, but you’ll see it’s much the same everywhere…

@burnt_crisps2 Hey!

So, we fit tyres recommended to us by the OEM (manufacturer) so I wouldn’t know specifically which cars come with All season tyres as standard as this can vary car to car. We fit what they deem to be the best overall tyre for performance and safety for the car which may or may not be an all season tyre.

We don’t change the tyres based on season, however we do advise that if one of our customers wants to fit a specific tyre for a season or all seasons, they can fit them at their own cost providing they replace the original tyre before return of the vehicle to us.

I hope this helps in some way.


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@Dan_at_Onto would does your insurance company say on this?
Would the subscriber and car be covered if driving on snow with summer tyres ??
Just curious :rofl:
I came up from London in January and icy condition from -2 to - 5, also drove for 2 weeks in Feb when it was -7 for a week without any probs.
As they say drive to the conditions :+1:t2:

@Jimmi1 Hey there,

A very good question that maybe I can shed some light on, unlike some countries such as Germany the UK have no road law based on the correct seasonal tyres as per MOT Requirement Guidelines.

I can’t confirm from an insurer POV, but based on the above I’d think they’re covered :raised_hands:

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Pretty much what I was expecting (management tape number 43 - sorry my sense of humour as a past manager) but I was wondering if the premium cars have ‘all season’, like the Audi’s on the fleet. I seem to remember that Tesla always fitted summer tyres as there have been issues with customers in Scotland in the past, not being able to drive in colder months.

Think the car drivers in the UK will have to start a petition to make ‘all season’ tyres mandatory via Gov law, but you would trust that manufs would see its just common sense.