Which car? Kona or DS3

Hey guys,

Completely new here and new to electric! Done a test-drive of a Tesla Model 3 recently though and fell in love, but it was short lived seeing as it’s not available here :weary:

In the meantime, I think I’ve whittled it down to either a Hyundai Kona or a Citroen DS3… Just wondering if anyone is using either, or has used both, and has any loves/hates/preferences?

Thanks in advance :grin:

Definitely the Kona. There’s no competition. The DS3 Has less features, a smaller battery, and way less efficiency meaning shockingly bad range between charges.


Definitely seems like the Kona has the upper edge :ok_hand:t2: thanks for your help!

I have the Kona and it is fantastic

Getting around 230 real world miles in very cold weather and the equipment is unrivalled.

Even in normal conditions that’s fantastic, so in the cold is :ok_hand:t2: after doing some more research, I think I’m sold on the Kona for sure!

Three questions you need to ask your self really there is a big difference between then
1 range how important is this?
2 Average daily commute miles?
3 style or range?

Personally after having ionic for a week now I can’t see me changing now for a while maybe worth considering but having had the 208 and it offering similar range to ds3 and seeing how well the ionic performs with such a, small battery I’d go kona or even give ionic a shot

The DS3 has the same battery as the e208 but its bigger and less aerodynamic. There are some people claiming the DS can’t even do 100 miles at higher speeds! So while the e208 is bad, the DS3 is awful in terms of range.

I’d agree with the Ioniq comment though. Don’t let the small battery put you off. The efficiency is incredible so if OP isn’t doing super long distance journeys it’s worth saving the money and going for this equally impressive model.

I have just taken delivery of the ds3 crossback and will be reviewing on my channel for the next month,

I commute about 45 miles in total each day, so more miles may be a plus. But I’m also trying to convince my dad and wife how far electric cars have come, so may opt for the bigger mileage with the Kona :joy:

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I’m definitely going to check this out, looking forward to seeing how you find it :ok_hand:t2:

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I’m having my ds3 on Monday aswell can’t wait

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Have you had an ev before

Yeah I’ve had a Zoe a e208 and I’ve currently got an i3

Ok well i think you are going to get frustrated by a few things on the DS3 , nothing major just small things that get a bit annoying after a while

Oh ok like what? I’ll have it for the month and I’ll swap if I’m not impressed , I’m hoping there’s gonna be a few more cars added soon

I believe the Kona is the better car, but I’ve currently got a DS3 prestige and I’m really pleased with it. Didn’t have high expectations but it’s actually really well made, really comfortable. Range isn’t great but as I’m not doing long journeys at the moment it’s a reasonable trade off.

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things like the car not remembering what mode you were in so everytime you start car you need to select the mode,the regenerative breaking is useless ,the app is flakey as anything,and the range is awfull to name a few lol…

As I keep saying, horses for courses. If someone is happy with their choice, we shouldn’t be trying to prove them wrong. :wink:

If they ask for advice, on the other hand, then obviously we’re going to inform them of what we consider to be the pros and cons.

Vehicle choice is very subjective, otherwise according to a few on here we’d all be driving Ioniqs :rofl:


KONA!!! All day. DS3 is just looks with terrible range

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