When does my contract end?

Hi guys!

I’m sending the Zoe back soon - my contract ends on the 10th according to my account.

So does this mean I can still drive it on the 10th or I can no longer drive it on the 10th?

It’s being collected on the 12th.

Any help guys or should I give onto a call?

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You should be able to drive it until they collect it from you. Onto will give you miles pro-rataed to the amount of excess days the car is with you. I think it works out to something like 32 miles per day.

Well I wanted to have it collected on the Sunday 10th but they don’t collect at a weekend.

So I received and email saying it’s been rescheduled for the 12th but I won’t be charged any more as my contract ends on the same date and I won’t have access to the vehicle. :thinking:

I had a similar case when I was returning my DS3 but they just gave me a new contract for a day with 30 odd miles for the day and the following day the driver collected the car.

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What are you going to be doing? Are you converted to EV and buying or back to ICE?

Your booking will end on the 10th. Either 9AM or 1PM. After that point you will not be insured as you won’t be an active subscriber.

It’s only if you were swapping that they would be giving you a contract extension for the sake of continuity. If you’re leaving the service then the car will no longer be yours to use after that.

You can probably call up and get them to extend you with pro-rata billing until collection so you pay for 2 extra days, if you’re wanting to use the car?


Going back to ICE for now :disappointed:

Me and my girlfriend are saving for a mortgage so trying to cut back a bit.

I do love the little Zoe but it’s goodbye for now! Might get another one or something else if I feel I can afford it after we get a mortgage.

Going back to my awful 2010 Citroen C3 - with a super high clutch. So it’s going to be fun :joy:


Needs must :+1: I’m sure you’ll be back in an EV in the future.


if you contract ends on the 10th regardless of whether we collect that day or not you cannot drive the car after this day as you are not insured as your hire agreement has ended, I hope this helps clarify for you, please make sure you have taken all your belongings out of the car on or before the 10th and all loose items are back in the car, with the exception of the key, which the driver will ask you for.

thanks for choosing Onto


That seems different from what I had because they issued a new contract to me for a day so that covered me until the driver collected the car. It seems like you are not getting a new contract after your end date till the time the driver collects your car. Apologies if this misled you.

Okay thank you for the reply!

I was more asking if I can still drive it on the 10th? It seems from your message that I can drive it on the 10th just not after the 10th - is that correct?

I understand that I cannot drive it between then and the collection, that’s not a problem.

Just so I know if I can get it charged up on the 10th or if not I’ll do it on the 9th instead!

Correct, you can drive on the 10th, not afterwards, so up until 23:59hrs. Maximum.

I thought this also - wasn’t aware it was up until 23:59 on the day

That will be the expiry of the insurance and most insurance policies start at 00.01 and finish at 23:59…

I believe it’s the same as normal car insurance which is always a midnight start end affair.

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snap @burnt_crisps2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Check My Account. My contracts start/finish at 1pm.


I just assumed it ended the same as the start time - that’s good to know though :raised_hands:

I can’t seem to find a time on my account? Any help? Haha

My agreement doesn’t have an end time just a date however the invoice period shows a time, personally I’d just read the agreement as that is what is signed.

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