When do you find out colour

I have booked my car for delivery on 13th may says colour and registration will be selected then I ordered the blue does this mean it isn’t going to be blue

It always says that. You will get the colour you ordered

I believe it’s something that carried over from the original system when colors were all neutral but never guaranteed what you would get. It was simply to make it easier to locate the car when picking it up from the swap point.

If you booked a blue car, you will get a blue car. But the license plate and color info won’t show on the website until 30 minutes before the booking start time, on the day of delivery.

Not exactly true I booked a blue e208 and got a red one not that I mind

You booked a blue one and without any warning a red one turned up at your door? The only reason for this to happen is if there is an issue with your assigned car, and they should be contacting you beforehand to let you know and ask if it’s OK to be swapped, or if not okay then a plan to get you the car that you asked for with the possibility of a delay or temporary car in the meantime.

You’re the first person I ever heard of where it sounds like they completely failed to give the exact color/spec vehicle you had booked.

I asked for the blue e208 gt I booked it for a month in the future I contacted onto a week before due date and they said they had allocated a red one to me I asked for a blue but was told there was none ATM until someone returned one. I got a brand new e208 tho still with the plastic wrapping so can’t really complain

My app.also.shows e208 gt line when it’s the gt model

Is that just the photo, or at the top beside your license plate where is says GT Line? If it’s the latter then I imagine you are only being charged the GT Line prices if that’s what they think your car is?

It sounds like somebody may have been having a particularly bad day when dealing with your booking!

Nah it shows in my contract e208 gt but on the app it shows a blue e208 gt line must just be the app

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I remember when you could have any colour you liked…as long as it was white! Simpler times :wink: