When can we expect new vehicles

MG5 is offered by one of Onto’s competitor but it’s £440 a month sadly

@Raheel_at_Onto Now that the excitement of the Vauxhall Corsa and Mokka has waned, when can we expect the next new entrants to the fleet?

Two new models of the same vehicle were hinted at during the ONTO & Coffee event. No one has mentioned them since.

Shame as the sun has been shining these last few days… :wink:

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No pleasing some, is there!:roll_eyes: :joy:

Cats and Migraines please! :flushed::thinking::grin:

Agree, but the Ora and Renault won’t be available until some time in the future.

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Wasn’t the two new models of the same vehicle, the new Zoe’s?

That’s what I thought.

Now you’ve got me wondering. I was convinced it was something else.

Can anyone who was at ONTO & Coffee confirm that it wasn’t the new Zoes being referred to. You don’t have to say what we were told (more of a hint) and I think we were sworn to secrecy.

Maybe I’m imagining it all due to the excited of seeing the green Mokka-e :wink:

I’m pretty sure there was mention of 2 other models too. Timing wise maybe that was the new Zoe versions, but I got the impression it was new models, not updated ones.
I did write up my brain dump notes in the forum, but technology deleted it before I could post, so it was lost to neverland and I didn’t get around to redoing.

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Wasn’t it the i8?

I recall that two French models were hinted at and the community speculated that it may be the Megane (“sounds like Migraine” comments) but it wasn’t confirmed - these may be the new Zoe’s instead.

There were also hints at 2 x Italian additions (one in hard top and one in soft top) which the community speculated as being the Fiat 500e.

…and I too am hoping for the Audi GT and Taycan

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Thank goodness, I’m not going crazy, after all. We need that soft top before summer is over :wink:


That would be @K12Beano I believe as I was standing right next to him :wink:


They would have to be £1999 a month surely. Maybe only offered to business users?

That is what these vehicles go for on a regular lease plan so Onto should be able to beat that. I’m guessing they could be offered more around the £1499 to £1699 per month range.

However (as I think someone else pointed out earlier) it may be the fleet insurance may be the prohibitive factor for these kind of vehicles

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There’s no chance of them getting them as they won’t be able to secure a large enough order as supply is limited , it may be something that is offered to business subs as they can order them individually

Can’t think of any other Italian soft tops, unless Ferrari are bringing out an EV :wink:


A £2000 excess?